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There are an estimated 100 million Christians in the Chinese Church today, but there’s a shortage of Bibles. Now for the first time, we are able to double any donation you make for Bibles in China.

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£112,003.04 out of £40,000 raised to provide Bibles to Chinese Christians

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Bibles for 3,000 Christians


40 rolls of Bible Paper


45,000 Chinese Bibles

Hooray! Thanks to you, we’ve reached our initial target and 50,000 Bibles will be printed for the Church in China. But the need doesn’t stop here! Any further gifts you give will still be doubled and go towards more Bibles for Chinese Christians.

The Church in China is growing faster than we can possibly imagine. Around one million people come to faith each year. Four decades after the ban on the Bible was lifted however, there’s still a shortage. Around half of rural Christians in China still don’t have a Bible of their own.

Earlier this year an agreement between the government of China and Bible Societies around the world was reached to print over 3 million Bibles for churches. The printing presses are ready to roll – with the capacity to print one Bible every second. The paper costs just 80p per Bible, but we desperately need funding to provide God’s Word to the millions of Chinese Christians today.

For every Bible donated by you, a generous supporter has agreed to match your donation. We’ve never had the opportunity to double your donation before, so please, will you help reach twice as many people with the gift of God’s word?

Every £8 will provide not just 10, but 20 Bibles.

Peiji’s story

Peiji had been a Christian for years but couldn’t afford to buy a Bible. So she jotted down things she could remember from God’s word on scraps of paper.

Above all, Peiji longed to have a proper Bible to read, so she could be strengthened by God’s promises. ‘I need a Bible but I cannot get one,’ she said. ‘If only I could get a Bible, I could finally read what I know in my heart.’

Then a team arrived in her village, with Bibles from Bible Society for everyone. The joy this brought to Peiji was plain to see as she clutched God’s word to her chest and lifted her face to the sky.

Will you help put God’s Word into the hands of someone like Peiji today?

You can help

Churches in China are so full that people spill out onto the pavement. Rural villagers walk for hours to attend services. All these new believers need Bibles. But many wait in hope.

Your donation to this appeal is worth double.

It costs just 80p to print a Chinese Bible. The printing presses are ready to roll and we now need to fund the paper. For every donation you make, the impact will be doubled.

  • £8 will provide not 10 but 20 Bibles to Chinese Christians
  • £32 puts Scripture into the hands of 80 Christians
  • £64 can provide enough Bibles for everyone in a rural village

Will you help make a difference to the Chinese Church today?

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