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Rooted Devotional Journal

The Rooted subscription journal takes you deeper into Scripture with reflections, activities, and lots of space to be creative. It’s a unique way to enrich your Bible study time and grow your faith as you explore God’s word.

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What is Rooted?

  • Rooted is a creative devotional, beloved by new Christians and those who have been believers for a while. You’ll get a new journal every other month that focusses on a different book or theme in the Bible.
  • Rooted is an 80 page journal filled with helpful Biblical and historical context, devotionals, reading plans, and stunning infographics. It has lots of space for you to journal, draw, and be creative as you study God’s word. 
  • Rooted is also a way to support global Bible mission. Your donation will support life-changing Bible engagement work around the world, from first translations to literacy classes.

Explore this sample of the Word Edition

‘It’s everything I wanted in a devotional.’ 

‘Thank you for providing this superb resource! The way it is structured and the colour throughout make it a pleasure to study. The content helps to give a deeper understanding of the Bible and the different sections help to reinforce your learning.’

‘This is the first time I’ve consistently enjoyed a devotional. I really love my Rooted journal.’

‘I thoroughly enjoy each and every edition and will be recommending it to people in my church.’

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The Philippians edition of The Rooted Journal

How often will I receive my Rooted journal?

In 2024, we will aim to have your journals through your letterbox by:

  • End of January
  • End of March
  • End of May
  • End of July
  • End of September
  • End of November

You'll be part of the Rooted community

The Bible is meant to be studied communally, alongside others who are seeking to live by what it says. That's why Rooted is a community as well as a journal. We’ll keep you updated with encouraging emails, featuring amazing stories about the impact you’re making, digital resources, and more. 

You can also join other Rooted members in our Facebook group to share your thoughts and ask questions about what you’re learning.  

Two women discussing the content of Rooted

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At the moment, Rooted subscription journals are only available in the UK. You must be over the age of 18.

Whether you’re new to reading the Bible or have been reading it all your life, the Rooted journal takes a fresh and accessible approach that will help us all engage better with Scripture. I love that it comes at the Bible’s stories from lots of different angles, with space for reflection and questioning, as well as for learning things you might not have known about the Bible. It is beautifully designed, enticing readers further into the Bible’s big stories. I’d highly recommend Rooted to anyone looking for new and creative ways to read the world’s most popular book.

Chine McDonald - Director of Theos and author of God Is Not a White Man & Other Revelations

The Rooted Podcast

Do you want to dive deeper into the Bible and how we can apply it to our everyday lives? Subscribe to The Rooted Podcast wherever you listen to your podcasts. It's available everywhere!

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Ways to share Rooted

Rooted for a friend

You can gift a Rooted subscription to your friends and family. They’ll receive a new journal every two months at no cost to them.

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