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Scripture for Everyone

At Bible Society, we believe that everyone should have access to the Bible, regardless of language barriers, literacy levels or learning differences. That’s why we’re proud to offer Scripture for Everyone.

With all 66 books to choose from – where do you start? We recommend starting with the Gospels and then moving on to Genesis.

Dyslexia-friendly resources

Our dyslexia-friendly books of the Bible have been developed following the formatting guidelines of the British Dyslexia Association and they’re designed to enable those with dyslexia to engage with Scripture comfortably and confidently.

As of March 2024, we’re delighted to say that we’ve published all 66 books of the Bible that are common to all Christian denominations in a dyslexia-friendly format! Read more about this publishing milestone

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‘I used to put off reading the Bible as I found it so difficult but the GNB dyslexia-friendly editions are much easier to read. The smaller books are easy to pick up and understand. It has made such a difference to my faith and I am now enjoying reading the Bible.’

Clair Natt

English as a second language

Reading the Bible in a non-native language can be daunting. Our ESL resources offer Scripture in simplified language with additional helps and explanations.  

The EasyEnglish Gospels are ideal for those learning English or to use as a resource with mixed reading ability groups.

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The Two Nineteen resources provide a fresh approach to communicating the message of the Bible to English language students, whatever their level. With lesson plans, game templates and much more, everything is provided to make lesson planning quick and easy.

‘This is the book I wish I’d had when I, along with other volunteers, started an English group for newcomers to the UK. The topics are just what lower level students need and the notes enable anyone with little or no teaching experience to present the material without too much hard work. That has already been done by the authors! A great resource.’

Elizabeth Giles MA DELTM, previously Principal of Central Language School, Cambridge.

Limited literacy

We are committed to providing accessible Scripture for all reading abilities and offer Bibles in simplified language, clear formats and large print. No matter where you are on your literacy journey, you can explore the Bible with confidence. 

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Take a look at our full range of Bibles and resources. Whether you’re seeking to go deeper with your faith or you’re at the very start of your Scripture journey, we’re here to support you from Genesis through to Revelation.

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