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The all-new Children's Rainbow Bible is a 'work of love'

The Bible is God’s heart for us, made available on paper, and that’s not boring. But how can we engage children with its teachings and stories when many are thinking, ‘What does something written 2,000 years ago have to do with me?’

The Bible is for everyone

Is the Bible really for you? We believe it is. No matter what’s going on with you, the Bible can speak into it. If you’re lonely or sad, or if you’re joyful and excited, the Bible has words just for you.

The Bible in Four Minutes wins ‘spoken-word poem’ of the year

Last Saturday, Bible Society’s Dai Woolridge was at the Step FWD Awards in Croydon, which recognised his poem ‘The Bible in Four Minutes’ as a song of the year, in the ‘spoken word poetry’ category.

Articles about the Bible

The Gospel according to Isaiah

Christians have always looked to Isaiah for a deeper understanding of the person and mission of Jesus. Since the early days of the Church, Isaiah has been called the fifth Gospel. In the fourth century, St Jerome described Isaiah as an evangelist.

Prophecy in Isaiah

Biblical prophets were not fortune tellers. Periodically they referred to the future, but their main job was to speak into the present. Time and again they critiqued the status quo, drawing attention to the chasm between God’s commitment to his people and their failure to respond in kind.

Authorship of Isaiah

Read the book of Isaiah and you’ll quickly realise that it is not a biography. The focus is on the message, not the man who proclaimed it. We do know about his calling, though: a close encounter with the majesty, holiness and mercy of God left Isaiah a changed man.

My Bible

Apart from being an ambulance person, I am an elder and a youth worker. We go every year to a Christian youth festival. A few years ago we were there and I was praying that God would speak to the young people, but the message spoke to me. Read more

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