We’re constantly looking for fresh and inventive ways to bring the Bible to life at home and across the world. Here are a few examples of what we've been up to recently.

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‘I’m part of our local Open the Book team. We have just done the story of Jonah and the Whale. When we did Jonah, I was Jonah. I don’t know if I was cast for being grumbling and moaning. Jonah is quite fascinating. I think the story shows that you can’t run away. Wherever you are, God is still there. I think it’s a comfort to know that. I’ve always kept busy. I used to work in finance for...’ Read story

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Here are a few highlights to show just how much of an impact you’ve had throughout 2018!

Open the Book is a project which offers primary school children an opportunity to hear the major stories of the Bible, from a team of Christians from local churches, who present the stories during assemblies/acts of Collective Worship.

The poignant words of Revelation 21.1-7 told by people of all walks of life.  

This film is free to download as part of Bible Society's Remembrance Church pack. Get yours here.

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