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Rooted for a friend

You can gift a Rooted subscription so a friend or family member receives a Bible-themed devotional subscription box every two months. And many more people will hear God’s word through your regular donation.

Gift a Rooted subscription now

How it works

Your Rooted subscription is a monthly donation of £10 or more that supports some amazing Bible engagement projects at home and around the world. If you gift a subscription, you’ll make that regular donation in the same way, but a friend will receive a Rooted box every two months at no cost to them. You can end your subscription at any time, and we’ll ask your friend if they’d like to start one of their own.

What is a Rooted subscription box?

Being part of Rooted is all about getting deeper into God’s word and growing in your faith. Your friend will get a brand new box full of curated devotional content delivered to their door every two months, and they can join the community on Facebook to share their thoughts and progress with Rooted’s spiritual challenges, encouraging and inspiring other members.

Signing up your friend to a Rooted subscription

If that sounds good to you, enter your friend’s details below and we’ll get in touch with them straight away. Their Welcome box should arrive with them pretty soon, and they’ll receive a themed box periodically as the batches are sent out every two months.

At the moment, Rooted subscription boxes are only available in the UK.

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