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Rooted Juniors

Welcome to the brand new club for children aged 7–11.

Rooted Juniors brings together children who love the Bible and want to share its message with the world.

Subscribe today with a monthly gift of £5 a month.

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To join the club the child’s parent or guardian signs up to give a monthly donation of £5 or more. This gift will not only provide your child’s Rooted Juniors box three times a year, it will be invested in Bible mission to change lives around the world.


Your child will receive an initial welcome box to start their journey, followed by three boxes through the year. All the resources explore a Bible theme so your child can grow their knowledge and love of the Bible.


You will also get Rooted Juniors emails to share with your child including inspiring stories and more information about the box content.

What's inside a Rooted Juniors subscription box?

Three times a year your Rooted Juniors box will pop through the letterbox with a range of resources, all linked to a Bible theme:

  • Rooted Juniors magazine
  • Prayer card
  • Printed activities 
  • As well as some little gifts 

We look forward to sharing this journey with you as we travel through the Bible and around the world. 

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At the moment we can only accept Rooted Juniors subscriptions from the UK. However, there are Bible Societies in most countries around the world. Find out how you could support the Bible Society where you live!

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