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Share God’s word with a migrant worker

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Pastor Prasad found Jesus while living a tough life in the Gulf. Will you help him reach more people in his situation by sharing the Bible today?

Millions travel to the Gulf countries for work and end up desperate. Pastor Prasad is reaching out to people exhausted, frightened and homesick, just as he was himself before he met Jesus. You can help train more leaders like Prasad to open up the power of the Bible in these communities.

Will you share God’s word with a migrant worker in the Gulf today?

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Prasad and his colleagues are seeing people turning to God in huge numbers. Hrayr, who leads the Bible Society team in the Gulf countries, says: ‘Thousands of vulnerable people are being baptised and confessing Jesus Christ as their saviour. It’s an incomparable experience!’

Prasad's story

‘My wife and I came from India to Kuwait on a domestic worker’s visa, looking for a better life. I worked as a driver 12 hours a day, seven days a week. My wife needed treatment for a cancerous tumour in her womb.

‘We shared a flat with a Christian family and they prayed for us. My wife started going to church with them, and when her doctor informed us that the tumour was gone, she became a Christian. I started attending Bible study sessions with my co-workers, who were poor and simple but happy. The words of the Bible touched my heart, and I became a new person. 

‘I lost my job and returned to India. I studied theology and eventually returned to the Gulf as a worker for God. I established a church in the town where I’d become a Christian, and I now pastor a congregation in a basement in the city of Salmiya. Your support is a blessing not only to me and my church but for Christians and churches in the Gulf.’

You can help bring someone like Prasad through dark times with the healing power of God’s word. Will you train a pastor to share the Bible today?

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