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Change a child’s life through Bible storytelling

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Schools in Guatemala can be scary places. Children feel trapped in cycles of poverty and violence. You can change that for a child right now by sharing the Bible.

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It’s amazing what God is doing for desperate children in Guatemala. When the Bible comes to a school, pupils who would otherwise have no future are filled with life and hope. 

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El Mequital School in Guatemala City is an intimidating place. The streets outside are tense, and a metal door is bolted shut for children’s safety. Some of them have parents in gangs. It’s not at all unusual for their dads to be in prison. God’s word is urgently needed here, and it’s making the most amazing difference.

A Bible Society project called Open the Book brings interactive Bible storytelling to schools like El Mequital. Volunteers come full of energy and love, and children see a new way of life.

Will you share the Bible in more of Guatemala’s schools? You’ll be bringing Jesus into otherwise hopeless lives.

Alison is 11 years old

She talks about gun crime as though it were normal. When a gang member was shot right outside her house, Alison opened the front door and saw him dying.

Open the Book arrived at Alison’s school when she was just back from suspension for playground violence. At first, Alison was suspicious. But then, ‘I realised the stories were telling me about God and I started to pay attention,’ she said.

Hearing how God protected Moses, Alison wanted to know more. ‘I spoke to a volunteer and they said I could accept Jesus Christ into my heart,’ said Alison. ‘So I did.’

Alison has found a new way to live. She’s not trapped by violence. ‘I tried to punch a girl but my arm wouldn’t do it! God wouldn’t let me!’

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Will you bring this transformation to another child? When you share the Bible, you’re helping break desperate cycles of violence.

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