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Twin your Bible with the Kabiye Old Testament

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Christians among the Kabiye people of West Africa have the New Testament and they’re hungry for more. Will you twin your Bible with theirs and make all of Scripture available in their language?

There are one million Kabiye speakers in West Africa. They need to hear the powerful stories and the awesome poetry of the Old Testament in their language. You can help make that a reality. 

Twin your Bible today and you’ll get a bookplate sticker to remind you of the transformative support you’ve shown to the Kabiye people.

Your donation of £60 can translate ten verses of Scripture, driving forward this urgently needed effort. Bible translators are doing something wonderful for their community. By twinning your Bible today you’ll be endorsing their work and helping bring it to completion.

Twin your Bible

Twin your Bible with a donation of £60 and receive a bookplate sticker to put inside. You can also support Bible translation by giving any amount without twinning your Bible.

Ruben Batanata is working to translate the Bible into Kabiye

‘I’m a leader at my church in Togo and an administrator in a project promoting the Bible in the Kabiye language. The word of God is the light for my life, the guide for my life. It’s the daily leading code of everybody’s life.

‘It has been very difficult to translate and transmit the Bible’s message in Kabiye. But when the Bible is translated, we’ll be able to help Kabiye people understand well how to become a good, full-fledged Christian for the glory of God.’

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Will you help bring the translation of the Old Testament in Kabiye to completion? You can give a believer in West Africa groundbreaking access to the Bible. Amazing change can come to this person’s church, through your generosity, as congregations hear the word of God in their own language at last.

Twin your Bible today

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