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Give the Bible to a refugee

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Iranians especially are pouring into British churches. Will you put the Bible in the hands of a Jesus-seeking refugee today? 

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People are arriving in huge numbers – not just in the country, but in church. They’re looking for peace and hope, and they’re finding Jesus.

These new believers need the Bible. Whatever they’ve been through, and whatever they’re going through now as they try to settle here, they need to process it through the truth of Jesus. Will you give the Bible to a refugee today?

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For £20 you can give an Iranian Christian here in England and Wales an easy-to-read Bible in modern Farsi. Darius, holding a copy at his church in the South West of England, said: ‘In Iran, if they see you holding a Bible like this, they kill you.’

You have an opportunity today to share God’s word with someone who has never had the Bible before.

Alan shares Darius’ story

I can’t tell you Darius’ real name. I met him at his church here in England, but he told me he grew up in Iran in a strict Muslim family. The brutality of the Iranian regime gave him doubts. ‘I felt empty’, he said.

Darius’ friend invited him to a secret house church. ‘I just went to watch,’ he said, ‘But when they said, “God is love” – that was amazing. I prayed and became a Christian.’

In Iran, it’s against the law for Muslims to convert, so having accepted Jesus Darius came to England. He went to church and someone like you generously gave him a Bible. He couldn’t get one in Iran and couldn’t afford one here, but through one person’s kindness his faith is deepening.

‘It’s so wonderful to read and pray in my own language.’

Will you reach out to someone else in Darius’ position and share the Bible today?

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