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Help meet the amazing demand for Bibles in prisons

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Right now, prisoners are turning to Jesus. People at their lowest are reaching out for hope. This is the time to put the Bible in their hands

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Someone in urgent need of God’s love is asking the chaplain at their prison for a Bible. Chaplains can’t meet this growing demand by themselves. Will you be the one to provide that Bible?

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Your generosity today will help to turn someone’s life around. Access to the Bible is having a transformative effect in the darkest places.

Tim is a prison chaplain

A prisoner came knocking on my chaplaincy door. He said, ‘I’ve tried drugs, and they’ve not worked. I’ve tried sex, and it wasn’t fulfilling. I’ve had a good go at alcohol. What do you have to offer me?’

I just smiled and told the man, come in and let’s talk. Within weeks, he had committed his life to Jesus, his Saviour and Rescuer.

This is life-changing stuff. There is such fertile ground for embedding the gospel among prisoners. These men are not approaching Christianity as a hobby. They are desperate for change.

I meet men who grew up in care. Men who’ve been abused by their families. Men who’ve never been loved. It might sound strange to you, but that’s their reality.

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The Bible is the key to lasting change in the lives of prisoners. You can put God’s word in someone’s hands today.

Last year we gave chaplains like Tim almost 2,000 Bibles to give to prisoners. This year, with your help, we could provide fifty per cent more in a number of different languages.

As well as giving the Bible, you can open up its power as prisoners come together in groups to study. The Bible Course explores the big story of Scripture and helps people apply it to life. Tim says: ‘The beauty of The Bible Course is that there’s nothing like it. Andrew Ollerton emphasises the love of God as something seen clearly throughout the whole Bible.’ 

Will you share God’s love in prison today by giving the Bible to someone desperate to change?

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