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Rahel in Tanzania learned to read as an adult, and she can now study the Bible in her own language of Kagulu. You can give the same amazing gift to a woman in the Gambia. (Photo: Ari Vitikainen)

Share the Bible and teach a Gambian woman to read

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Mission workers in West Africa need your support to run life-changing literacy classes. Will you reach The Gambia with God’s word today?

£20,484.77 out of £30,000 raised

from 375 supporters



750 women reached


1500 women reached

Literacy is an essential skill that creates all kinds of opportunities. Women in The Gambia, who are ordinarily held back, are experiencing transformation as they learn to read. They’re gaining the privilege of meeting Jesus in the pages of Scripture. And as they come to faith, they’re bringing God’s word to their families and communities.

You can expand the horizons of a woman in The Gambia by giving her a Bible and teaching her to read. The outreach team there urgently needs your help to run more of these classes in which lives are changed as people experience the power of the Bible.

Will you give the Bible to a woman in The Gambia?

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Mariama's story

Mariama learned to read in her later years, and she’s now teaching other women to read. She inspired her husband to learn too. Reading has enabled her to interact with God through his word. ‘I really feel the love of God in my heart,’ she says. ‘I feel his presence.’

Teaching literacy is a key part of sharing the Bible in these communities. Jesus is reaching people in the language they speak, which until now they haven’t been given the privilege of reading. Literacy classes are bringing people in The Gambia the transformative opportunity to engage with the words of Jesus in their own language.

Watch what happened in the Gambian town of Kampant when the Bible was published in the local Jola language for the first time.

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