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Bible twinning

A one-off gift of £60 could make a powerful difference for people waiting to receive the Bible. Twin your Bible with a brand new translation today.

There are Christians in Africa faithfully waiting for a Bible they can understand. And there are members of their communities yet to discover God’s word because it’s not available in their language. These are impoverished and marginalised people, often living in terrorist-threatened regions, but you can bring them the unique joy of the Bible.

Your gift of £60 could translate ten Bible verses into a new language. It would be a huge encouragement to hard-working translation teams as they bring God’s word to their communities for the first time.

Choose a translation project, get a bookplate sticker to go in your Bible, and impact a community with the life-changing power of God’s word.

Christian communities you can help today

The Bissa community

More than three quarters of a million people speak Bissa. It’s one of 66 indigenous languages in Burkina Faso, and its speakers have only had access to the New Testament since 2000. You can help complete this life-changing work by twinning your Bible with theirs today.

Twin your Bible

The Epie community

Last September there were joyous celebrations in Southern Nigeria as Scripture arrived in the Epie-speaking communities for the first time. Bring more joy to these many thousands of people by helping provide complete Scriptures in Epie. Twin your Bible with the Epie Bible today.

Twin your Bible

The Lyele community

Christians who speak the Lyélé language in Sanguié Province of Burkina Faso have loved having the New Testament these past 20 years. Twinning your Bible with the in-progress Lyélé Old Testament will open up the power of God’s word for as many as two hundred thousand people.

Twin your Bible
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