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The Tày people are celebrating the translation of the Bible into their language. You can bring God's word to another marginalised people by twinning your Bible with theirs today. (Photo credit: Quan Phan)

Bible twinning

Twin your Bible with a new translation of Scripture and bring the power of God’s word to a community

For a quarter of a billion people, speaking more than half the world’s languages, the words of the Bible are alien. The few Christians belonging to these peoples have to worship in second languages. Can you imagine living out a faith you can’t fully interact with and which your neighbours don’t understand? 

You can be a champion for these marginalised peoples. Mission teams are working hard to translate the Bible into new languages and give people around them the full experience of Scripture. Will you twin your Bible with a new translation and give whole communities the privilege of hearing God speak their language?

Your donation of £60 could translate 10 verses of Scripture and bring God’s word closer to a new community or generation of believers. You’ll get a bookplate sticker to go in your Bible and remind you of the difference you’re making through this partnership.

You can empower these communities.

Serbia’s youth

The Serbian Bible uses a pre-Communist dialect no longer spoken in most of the country. Your donation of £60 will help mission workers translate the Bible into modern Serbian and reach the nation’s youth with the gospel.

Will you twin your Bible with Serbia’s New Testament for a New Generation?

The Ngäbe people

Ngäbe Christians experience Scripture through the filter of a second language. They belong to Costa Rica’s largest indigenous group without a Bible. Your donation of £60 will help put the words of Jesus in the Ngäbere language, enriching worship and empowering outreach.

Will you twin your Bible with the first Ngäbere New Testament?

Twin your Bible with one of the new translations listed above by giving £60 and receiving a bookplate sticker to put in your Bible. You can also support Bible translation by giving any amount without twinning your Bible.

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