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Bible a Month

Did you know just £5 can provide the Bible? Join Bible a Month and give the Bible each month to someone around the world, someone like Guangen.

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Guangen's story

Guangen became a Christian 28 years ago. He received his first Bible just six months ago.

Guangen lives in a small village in the Cloudy Mountains in southern China. It’s a remote part of the country where there are many ethnic minorities who don’t speak Chinese. The Black Yi is one of the largest groups.

‘Before we had the Bible we largely relied on the preaching every week,’ he says. ‘We learned about biblical truth through the songs that we sing, through prayers.’ 

Thanks to the support from Bible a Month members our team have spent 14 years translating the Bible into the Yi language. Now, it’s printed and is being distributed in the villages. 

I am really thankful that we have the Bible and for the support given to us by people overseas.

Guangen was among the first to be given a copy.

'When the pastor brought the box of 20 Bibles to the village I was so happy', he said. ‘Everyone wanted to read it. We were all very excited to have our own copies of the Bible.

A gift of just £5 can help translate, print, and distribute the Bible each month.

I want to join Bible a Month


people have joined Bible a Month so far.

Here’s what your monthly gift of £5 could do:

  • Distribution

Those unable to buy a Bible for themselves can receive a free or subsidised copy.

  • Translation

Bibles can be translated to reach more people with the word of God.

  • Literacy

Literacy classes, audio and braille Bibles can be given to those for whom the Bible is an inaccessible book.

  • Engagement

The Bible can be brought to life and advocated for here in England and Wales.

What you receive

Not only do we promise to use your gift wisely we will also keep you up-to-date with the impact it is having through our regular Bible a Month prayer letter.

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Salma’s Story: The difference your gift can make

When Salma fled her home in Syria with her husband and seven children for the safety of Jordan, they didn’t think it would be for long.

Three years later, Salma’s home town has been all but destroyed. The family has lost everything – their home, the shop her husband ran, the life they used to know.

In the midst of all this, Bible Society has helped the family find an apartment – basic, but a home nevertheless. We have introduced Salma to a local church, where she has been attending a weekly women’s group.

Here is where the biggest change happened. At this group, Salma could share her worries and receive prayer. She also received a Bible, courtesy of Bible Society. As a result, she met Jesus – the Jesus she has now chosen to put her faith in.

‘The belief in Jesus makes life worth living, even though I own nothing,’ she said. ‘The Bible is everything in my life. I’ve changed. I believe God brought me here from Syria, to go from dark to light.’

I want to join Bible a Month

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Pray with us

Pray with us

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A gift in your will

A gift in your will

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