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Imagine a world without the written word of God – with no Bible of any kind. Or a world where the Bible has no place, no value.

This is the reality for too many people, for too many places in our world today.

It’s the world of South Sudan, where poverty and war have taken away a source of constant hope for families in crisis. Of Syria, where the Bible could bring strength and encouragement to those facing uncertain futures. Or here at home, where 9 in 10 people don’t engage with the Bible at all.

You can change this.

A gift of just £5 can help translate, print, and distribute a Bible a month.

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How your gift will be used

Here’s a glimpse of what your monthly gift of £5 - the average cost of translating, printing and distributing a Bible – could do:



Put printed Bibles into the hands of refugees fleeing conflict in the Middle East.



Help translate Scripture into one of the 2,886 languages without a Bible.



Fund literacy classes in places like South Sudan, where adults are learning to read God's word.



Grow our primary school programme at home, so storytellers can reach thousands of children.

What you receive

Not only do we promise to use your gift wisely as part of our work at home and abroad, we will also keep you up-to- date with the impact it is having through our regular Bible-a- month update. This includes powerful stories, prayer points, and updates from other supporters – for you to use personally or share with others in your church.


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Bible a MonthApril 2017 - May 2017

Salma’s Story: The difference your gift can make

When Salma fled her home in Syria with her husband and seven children for the safety of Jordan, they didn’t think it would be for long.

Three years later, Salma’s home town has been all but destroyed. The family has lost everything – their home, the shop her husband ran, the life they used to know.

In the midst of all this, Bible Society has helped the family find an apartment – basic, but a home nevertheless. We have introduced Salma to a local church, where she has been attending a weekly women’s group.

Here is where the biggest change happened. At this group, Salma could share her worries and receive prayer. She also received a Bible, courtesy of Bible Society. As a result, she met Jesus – the Jesus she has now chosen to put her faith in.

‘The belief in Jesus makes life worth living, even though I own nothing,’ she said. ‘The Bible is everything in my life. I’ve changed. I believe God brought me here from Syria, to go from dark to light.’

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Pray with us

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A gift in your will

A gift in your will

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