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You can bring God’s word to refugees from Ukraine today.

Bible a Month

Join the Bible a Month community today. Your regular donation of £10 or more will put the Bible in someone’s hands everywhere from here to Ukraine to Mozambique every month.

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Bible a Month is your opportunity to get behind the life-changing work of local mission teams around the world, including in Ukraine, where the war has created an enormous demand for Bibles. Anatoliy and many dedicated volunteers are determined to meet the spiritual and physical needs around them, and they’re asking for your help. Will you join Bible a Month today and ensure people in Ukraine, refugees in Europe and Christians in the toughest places receive God’s word every month?

You can make a transformative investment in Bible engagement projects. Thanks to you, people will learn to read and recover from trauma through the use of Scripture. Christians in Africa will be able to engage with God’s word more deeply as it’s translated into their languages for the first time. Pastors and lay preachers in China will receive comprehensive training to help them support their congregations. And people in Ukraine who are asking for Bibles will have their spiritual needs met in the midst of conflict. 

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Anatoliy shares God’s love in Ukraine.


people are part of the Bible a Month community today!

Bibles and aid distributed across Ukraine

Despite increased bombardments, Bible Society staff in Ukraine are continuing to distribute bread and Bibles to people sheltering in bunkers and cellars across the country.

Yesterday, a young woman asked for Bibles as she was being given food aid.

Anatoliy Raychynets of the Ukraine Bible Society said, ‘We have met so many people in the last two weeks who have never had a Bible before, but now they are asking or us to pray with them. It is a revival.’

Locals are calling Bible workers ‘The Angels of Kyiv’. But Anatoliy says they ‘need theprotection of heavenly angels’.

Teams across the country are working under very difficult conditions. Anatoliy’s car was hit by a bullet while he was out distributing Bibles and aid recently.

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