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Bible a Month

Your support for Bible mission releases the power of God’s word to change lives. Join the Bible a Month community with a regular donation of £10 or more to get behind amazing Bible engagement projects and put the Bible in someone’s hands every month.

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Bible a Month is your opportunity to get behind the work of mission teams around the world, including here at home. In all kinds of places from China to Mozambique to Costa Rica, people are encountering God thanks to the generosity of people like you. It’s the solid support of Bible a Month members that showed Valente Tseco, a Bible worker and minister in Mozambique, that ‘God won’t allow Covid to stop the plan for his people to get his word’.

Mayra Ugalde leads Bible work in Costa Rica, and with your help she and her team can bring God’s word to the Ngäbe people, who have asked for the Bible to be translated into their language. The huge support of Bible a Month members makes Mayra feel ‘part of a family, the family of the cause of the Bible’.

Long Xinrong is a preacher in the mountains of China’s Yunnan Province. His prayers were answered when Bible a Month supporters helped provide him with a motorbike. Here’s what he said in a recent Bible a Month prayer letter:

‘The church I serve in consists of congregations of over 600 believers, gathering in seven different locations. Most of the members live in mountainous areas of more than 2,000 metres above sea level.

‘It was common for me to walk up to four and a half hours, one way, to one location. A round trip would take as long as nine hours to walk! For many years, through fervent prayers, I cried out to the Lord, asking for his providence for a suitable means of transportation to aid in ministering to the communities I serve. Thank God that my prayers have been answered through Bible Society and Bible a Month supporters!

‘I am now able to arrange teachings and house visits with more ease, increasing my capacity to minister to more people.

‘Since 2019, cult groups calling themselves Christian have been on the rise in the region. To shepherd and disciple the flock that the Lord has entrusted to us, we need to remain vigilant, be discerning and be better equipped with the word of God. I have planned and arranged for quarterly training programmes for different groups of believers, and these efforts have been made possible with the motorcycle too.

‘I would like to ask for prayers for my wife. She has been silently supporting me through the almost 20 years in ministry work, by labouring in the fields. She has been plagued with poor health for the past five years. Please pray along with me that the Lord will continue to watch over my family and I, provide us with healthy and strong minds and bodies, so that we may serve God effectively! Amen!’

You can be a great encouragement to dedicated Bible workers like Long Xinrong month after month. Your prayerful support will bring God’s word to more people.

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