Will you take the Bible to the toughest parts of Africa?

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In some parts of Africa, it’s virtually impossible to get Bibles to people without a working vehicle. 

Our teams often find themselves stranded in rebel territory in the desert because of old vehicles breaking down in the sand. You can help provide 4x4 trucks and put the Bible into the hands of those still longing for God’s word.

Will you help meet the cost of providing a truck in Africa?

£10,329.49 out of £40,000 raised to provide a truck for Bible work in Africa

from 240 supporters.


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The need for vehicles

Chad is one of the toughest places to live in the world1. It’s vast – about five times the size of the UK – but has just 200 miles of tarmac roads. 

Refugees have flooded in from neighbouring nations. Climate change has devastated the landscape in recent decades. And terrorist groups like Boko Haram operate here.

There is much work to be done in the region, but vital Bible ministryis being thwarted by poor equipment. Like our staff and buildings, a vehicle is a fundamental part of the infrastructure which makes Bible work possible.

Will you help provide trucks to enable vital Bible ministry in Africa?

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Despite the immense challenges, our colleagues in Chad visit refugee children in camps across the country as often as they can. It can take two days to get to the refugee camp. 

The children in the camps have witnessed horrible atrocities – things too awful to talk about – but with our team they are learning to smile again. These children listen to Bible stories, experience God’s love and begin to have hope for the future.

With a working vehicle, our team could support many more refugees – and visit these children much more often.

You can help

These vehicles are expensive because they have to be shipped to Africa, then properly maintained. Each vehicle costs £40,000, but if we move fast, the 4x4s could be transporting our teams and delivering Bibles around the toughest parts of Africa within just a few months. 

Your donations will help:

  • get our staff and pastors into remote refugee camps, where they can minister to children traumatised by violence and conflict
  • deliver Bibles into the hands of Christians who can’t get copies anywhere else
  • transport our staff to remote, desert areas to teach people to run Bible-based literacy classes

1. Ranks 186 out of 188 on the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Human Development Index (HDI), which measures life expectancy, education and standard of living.

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