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Will you Open the Book for the next generation?

Open the Book volunteers are invited into thousands of primary schools, where they bring Bible stories to life for the next generation, with the help of drama, props and costumes.

That’s amazing – and yet there’s so much more we can do to reach the next generation.

In England and Wales, 9 in 10 people – adults and children alike – don’t engage with the Bible. With over 18,000 primary schools out there, the potential for Open the Book is massive. Our 10 year strategy is aiming to reach 50% of the primary schools in England and Wales with Bible storytelling, we are currently in 16% of schools, so we are trusting God with our ambitious plans.

There is a great opportunity to reach primary-school aged children with the power of Bible stories. Will you help us Open the Book for them?

Where the need is

In order to find more volunteers we work hard to promote the work of Open the Book through DVDs, flyers and sample handbooks, as well as personally meeting people at conferences, events and churches.

Along with promotion, there are training costs for new and existing teams, as well as vitally important communications support, including telephone advice, the website and newsletters.

We have already translated our materials and some of our promotional literature into Welsh but there is more to be translated so we can increase our impact within Welsh-speaking schools.

Your donation to Open the Book will help us reach our goal of bringing the Bible to life for every child in every primary school in England and Wales. 

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