Share God’s love with an orphan in Swaziland

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A quarter of all children in Swaziland are orphans. Your gift of £22 can help provide a Bible and practical support to an orphan today.

In Swaziland, more people live with HIV than anywhere else in the world – and every year thousands of people die from AIDS-related illnesses. This means that the number of children losing their parents is at worryingly high levels.

‘When I read the Bible, I feel God loves me.’

Our team is working to support vulnerable children. We are providing Bibles and helping orphans discover God’s word. One boy, Mcolise, told us ‘When I read the Bible, I feel God loves me.

We are also providing practical support to help these orphaned children learn how to live and grow up in a world without their parents. We are teaching orphans how to grow their own food so they can care for themselves.

With your help we can reach even more vulnerable children with God’s love.

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Mcolise’s story

Hear from Claire, who visited Mcolise in Swaziland in May 2017.

Mcolise’s mother died five years ago leaving him and his brothers orphaned. They have to fend for themselves, often just eating wild plants from the hillside.

At the school Mcolise attends at least one third of the pupils are orphans, according to the headteacher. She said they arrive hungry, unwashed and without school uniform. ‘They are traumatised and they trust no one’ she told us.

Our team are working with Mcolise’s school to provide God’s word alongside practical help. Children who are traumatised receive Bible-based counselling and they also receive practical help in growing food.

Every child gets their own Bible. Mcolise told us how he feels God’s love when he reads the Bible.

More schools are urging us to help children who are grieving, lost and broken. Today you can help us share God’s love and God’s word with more vulnerable orphans like Mcolise in Swaziland.

Please give £22 today to show orphans that God loves them.

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