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Meet the growing Bible need in Syria

Last updated: 5 December 2016

There’s an increasing thirst for Scriptures in Syria, despite the ongoing crisis. You can help meet the demand with a gift of £15 today.

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Gaith*, our colleague based in Aleppo, Syria, is being constantly asked for Bibles. Despite the ongoing crisis enveloping his city, ‘people feel it is only God who can really meet their need’, he said. Can you respond to their need for the Bible with a gift of £15?

Making Christmas special for Syrian children

Gaith and his team distributed 5,000 Nativity storybooks during the Christmas period as a small, but important gift for children and families caught up in the war.

‘When you have seen so many reasons for being sad, you can imagine what a joy it is to celebrate the birth of our saviour,’ said Gaith.

‘The children in Syria have little hope. We don’t have any other choice than God’s word to rescue and salvage these broken lives. The Scriptures, which are full of peace and healing, can restore their happiness and joy.’

You can offer peace and healing through God’s word to Syrian children by giving the Bible. In 2017, Gaith’s team aim to distribute a further 25,000 children’s Bibles and colouring books to children affected by war, but only with support from people like you is this possible.

£15 provides multiple portions of Scripture for distribution.

£30 will offer God’s word to children in a hospital ward.

£100 provides Bible booklets for more than 30 Syrian children.

Please consider what you can give to help distribute the Bible to those longing for it in one of the world’s most desperate situations.

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*Name changed to protect identity

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