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The lives of many children from Syria have been broken by war. But you can make a difference with just £10.

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Twelve-year-old Amal grew up in Damascus, Syria. But her happy childhood was shattered by war. Amal’s uncle was killed by crossfire, his body was left in the street.

Half their house was destroyed by a bomb and Amal’s mum became terrified the rest of the building would collapse on them. Her little sister was so overwhelmed by fear, she developed a rash on her arms. As chemical bombs started falling, the family escaped to Madaba, Jordan.

Amal and her brothers and sisters were deeply traumatised and began attending our Bible-based trauma healing group at a local church. Amal told us, ‘I was very scared of the bombing, but here we are in peace.’

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Trauma healing

At the Bible-based trauma healing group, our trained volunteers encouraged Amal. They loved her and shared the Bible with her. Through prayer and God’s help, Amal’s emotional scars are healing.

Amal’s mum, Wedad, said, ‘The children have started loving each other again. They sleep well. I’m thrilled to see them playing and singing.’

More than 3,000 refugee families attended our Bible-based trauma healing groups in Jordan last year, but we urgently need to reach more children.

Jordan and Lebanon alone are home to more than 850,000 refugee children. There is a desperate need to help more traumatised children.

Haya Khoury, leading trauma healing work in Jordan, said ‘The need for trauma healing is as big as the need for food and shelter.’

It costs £10 to provide a Bible booklet to a child attending our trauma healing group, as well as a handbook to our volunteer leading the group.

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