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When you meet Eduardo, it’s impossible to imagine this polite, softly-spoken church pastor could ever have been a violent, drug-taking killer.

Will you help change the lives of other young criminals in Central America?

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600 Bibles distributed in Guatemala’s Youth Detention Centres


200 Bible Study Classes for Young Offenders


2,500 Bibles given to Young Criminals in Central America

Every week, around 10 of the toughest young criminals in Guatemala give their lives to Christ.

These young people come from families that can’t care for them, gangs which abuse them and a society that hates them. But, through our ministry, these troubled teens get to start again with Jesus. 

Thousands of young offenders are receiving Bibles and taking part in Bible studies in detention centres. Some of the volunteers are themselves ex-gang members. And prison directors want our teams to keep coming, more often. 

The door is open. Now is the time to reach as many young people as we can.

Please, will you help give a second chance to more youngsters in Guatemala’s detention centres?

Eduardo’s story

Eduardo was born into a poor family in Guatemala City. This is a violent place, where murder rates, extortion and violent crime are among the worst in the world. Aged just nine, Eduardo took drugs for the first time – and slipped into gang life. When he was a teenager, Eduardo was convicted of murder and spent four years behind bars. But our team met Eduardo at the youth detention centre.

And this is where Eduardo gave his life to Jesus.

When no one cared for me, Christ came and took me in. My past has been erased. I was able to know Jesus and my life was saved.

Eduardo became a ‘multiplier’, an inmate who helps lead the Bible programme from within the detention centre. He started running church services, and leading Bible studies. 

When he was released, Eduardo trained as a pastor and now leads a church of his own. ‘I do nothing, it’s God who makes those things possible,’ added Eduardo. ‘God allowed me to be alive because he has a big purpose for me.’

Will you help put God’s word into the hands of someone like Eduardo today?

You can help.

The cells in the centres are overcrowded, packed with teenage boys with shaved heads. Guards are everywhere. But in the midst of darkness, our team come every week to distribute Scripture, run Bible studies and share God’s love. 

It costs just £5 to provide a Bible to someone like Eduardo. This means your gift of:

  • £25 provides five Bibles to prisoners in youth detention centres
  • £45 will set up a Bible study class with young offenders
  • £60 provides 12 Bibles to young people in desperate need of God’s word

Everyone deserves a second chance. Will you help today?

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