Christians in China wait years to receive a Bible. Your gift today will be matched so you can help change multiple lives in Chinese congregations. (Photo credit: Andre Rhodes.)

God’s word is in huge demand in China. Your help today will be doubled.

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The biggest Bible factory in the world is ready to produce Bibles on a massive scale. It only needs the paper to print them, and whatever you can give towards providing that paper will be matched by a generous supporter.

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This is an extraordinary opportunity to really help meet the need for Bibles among China’s many millions of Christians. A generous supporter has agreed to match your donation towards the work of Amity Printing Company in Nanjing. These are the only presses able to help satisfy the huge demand of a Church that soaks up Bibles like water in a desert.

With your donation doubled, this is an amazing opportunity to help the Chinese Church
print a million Bibles for its members. (Photo credit: Cynthia Oh.)

Your donation today will be doubled.

With a million new believers pouring into China’s churches every year and the impact of the Bible ban still felt in the countryside after 40 years, Chinese Christians wait in hope for Scripture. The Church there has asked for more than a million Bibles to be printed this year.

You can help meet that heart-breaking need todayWhatever you can give will be matched and twice as many Bibles will reach Chinese believers. Your support for the church in other areas, such as translation work and resourcing pastors, will also be boosted.

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Man Ha Wen’s story

China’s Bible shortage means that there are people who have been Christians for years yet to receive their own copy. Man Ha Wen became a Christian at 65, but had to wait until she was 90 for a Bible. When she heard that Bible Society would be giving out copies at a village church, she got up at 3 am to make sure she didn’t miss the opportunity.

Man Ha Wen’s daughter had tears in her eyes as she watched her mother receiving a Bible, smiling and touching her hands together in gratitude. ‘My first Bible,’ her mother said. ‘Twenty-five years ago, God chose me and I have been learning to read his word ever since. I am so happy and thankful to have this Bible.’

Photo credit: Hans Johan Sagrusten.

Will you provide paper to print Bibles for Christians like Man Ha Wen, who have been waiting years to hold God’s word in their hands?

Your support for Bible mission in China today will be matched.

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