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2018 has been a life-changing year thanks to the hundreds of thousands of Bibles you’ve helped translate and distribute across the world!

Thank you for your gifts and prayers throughout the last year! Your support keeps on making a real difference in people’s lives all around the world.

Will you give the Bible to even more people this Christmas?

In Syria, where the conflict has been raging for the last seven years, our team has seen first-hand the life-changing impact of God’s Word. George, who leads our work there, has remained in Syria with his wife and teenage son for the duration of the terrible conflict, because the demand for God’s Word is so great among his people.

Children in particular see the Bible as a precious gift from God. When George placed a children’s Bible booklet into Rita’s hands, a shy little girl, she opened it up immediately, and read through page after page, before sliding it carefully into her bag.

‘I know Jesus in my heart,’ Rita said ‘and now I can fill my heart with his words.’

This is the joy your support brings to people, even in the toughest, hardest places. You can help reach more people like Rita with the Word of God by giving a special one-off donation this Christmas.

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And it’s not just in Syria that God’s Word is having an impact…

What you’ve done

In China, you’ve helped to provide more than 600,000 Bibles to Christians in 2018 – and each one has the potential to transform someone’s life, for good.

Among the most marginalised communities in Africa, you’ve shared God’s love and word. In war-torn Central African Republic, where two-thirds of adults can’t read or write, you’ve helped to launch literacy classes for women.

Across the Middle East, nearly 40,000 refugees benefited from our Bible-based trauma healing courses. Your support is bringing healing and hope.

And here at home, you’ve helped to launch a new edition of the Bible Course. More than 3,000 have completed it already – and, for many, their faith is deepening and growing.

It is your support that makes all this possible. 2018 has been an extraordinary year of prayer, discussion and reflection here at Bible Society and we are excited about what lies ahead. Please join with us as we continue on this exciting journey to bring the Bible to life for people everywhere.

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Thank you for being part of this gospel ministry.

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