Famine in South Sudan

Last updated: 15 March 2017

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Almost half of South Sudan’s population urgently needs food. Today, you can provide vital help by offering food and Scriptures to desperate families.

Edward Kajivora, who heads up our work in South Sudan, said, ‘This famine is a matter of life and death. Whatever you do as our partners will save lives. We are grateful for any support.’

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Our team in South Sudan are doing their best to help during the current crisis. They’ve asked for £20,000 to support the relief effort.

The money will buy maize flour, beans and vegetables, which our team will hand out to those most in need. They’ll also supply Bibles with the food, for free.

£60 will provide a Bible and a 50kg bag of flour, which will feed a family for 10 days.

What’s caused the current crisis?

Famine has been caused by long periods of drought and compounded by three years of conflict in South Sudan. According to the UN, it’s the greatest humanitarian crisis for decades. 270,000 children face death if they do not receive help soon.

Christ came into the world to serve the poor and hopeless so that they may have hope. This is the same with Bible Society

Edward told us agencies have been dropping food supplies near rural villages, but people are so emaciated that they cannot walk in the heat to retrieve the packages. Where food is available, it is too expensive for families to afford. Many of Edward’s own staff have stopped turning up to work in order to search out supplies for their children.

Edward added, ‘Christ came into the world to serve the poor and hopeless so that they may have hope. This is the same with Bible Society. The rich have left, but the poor remain, and we should be with them.’

As well as giving out food, we are distributing Bibles during this crisis, so that people may know the hope and comfort found in Scripture.

Please help provide food and God’s word to families in South Sudan today. Thank you.

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