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​Build a Bible House in Mali

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£1,172.50 out of £750,000 raised

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​Build a Bible House in Mali

Make a long-awaited dream come true for Christians in Mali – help build a Bible House brick by brick.

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Our friends at the Bible Society in Mali have purchased a large plot of land spanning almost 3,700 square metres, situated on the eastern outskirts of the capital city, Bamako. They’re ready to build with your help. Watch Lord Boateng describe the vision for this exciting project.

With your help, the team in Mali can build a complex for life-changing outreach. The new building will house:

  • A Bible Shop – a welcome place for Christians to buy Scripture
  • Green space to provide shade, house benches, plant trees
  • Workshop space for projects  such as weekly Bible studies for marginalised women - widows, young unmarried mothers, sex workers – while teaching socio-economic skills to make an income from tailoring, making soap, processing foods whilst providing education and literacy
  • Interactive space where trained volunteers will run sessions with activities for children to play games to get to know the Bible better

Messages and prayers

Read messages and prayers from people that have given.

I was inspired to give a small donation to this bible building because I can imagine that everyone wants the ownership of their own to glorify God and His Son by sharing the Word with lots of people and families. I hope their dream comes true and it will grow by God's grace to bless millions.

Wendy Elsey, from England

We think this is a great idea. Every blessing to all those who benefit from it.

J&M, from Lincolnshire

May the good Lord allow everyone to see how sweet He is.

JR, from Uk

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Jacques leads the team in Mali

We cannot begin to express how grateful we are for the help we have already received from the Bible Society in England and Wales in helping us purchase a plot of land. Our hearts sing for joy as we look forward to a time when we will be in our very own space, welcoming people to the Bible House and running projects with no fear of eviction or lack of funds to secure the monthly rent. 

Thank you for your immense generosity and partnership in the gospel.

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