Emergency appeal for the victims of Cyclone Idai

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Will you provide urgent help?

Cyclone Idai has left scores of people grieving and desperate. Now, more than ever, there is an urgent need to provide the comfort and healing of God’s word.

Our teams on the ground are appealing for urgent help to rebuild their warehouse buildings and replace their devastated stock of Bibles.

Will you provide God’s word in the midst of devastation and chaos?

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Cyclone Idai, which struck Mozambique before moving inland to Zimbabwe and Malawi, has caused massive loss of life, with thousands more reported injured or missing. Entire villages are still submerged under several metres of water, with bodies visibly floating above the surface. 

Due to poor infrastructure and communication, it has taken days to unveil the sheer scale of the crisis, but we’ve just received urgent reports from our team on the ground:

‘Our Beira depot was badly destroyed as the roof disappeared with the violence of winds and rain, causing the loss of our Scripture stock in the warehouse and the destruction of our translation equipment’, our Mozambican colleague Valente explained.

‘It’s horrible, tragic and terrifying. It’s the worst natural disaster we have ever experienced in our country’, he continued.

Our colleagues are eager to start distributing Bibles and provide trauma healing to give survivors the hope of God’s word. For that, they need urgent financial support to rebuild their buildings and refill their Bible stocks. 

Will you respond generously to provide urgent help?

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The scale of the disaster

It is still too early to know the full extent of the disaster, but the death toll keeps rising. Projections on behalf of UN officials now indicate at least 2.5 million people have been affected in the three countries.

Our colleague Valente gave us a glimpse of the horror and confusion in Mozambique: 

‘There were four translation and three distribution staff who we were unable to get hold of. We had no idea what happened to them until a few days later when for the first time we got information that all are well but very traumatised.’ 

Huge areas have been affected by mass displacement and livestock devastation, with entire communities cut off from vital water and power supplies. Crucial communication and transport channels have been destroyed, slowing down emergency relief to the communities most impacted.

“The situation is devastating and tragic. It is a huge disaster. Please pray for God’s intervention to save his people and heal the trauma caused by this tragic natural disaster”, Valente has urged.

Please give whatever you can today

£25 will supply God’s word to five survivors
£60 will provide enough trauma healing materials for ten people
£100 helps start the rebuilding work on the warehouses

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Thank you for your generous response. Please pray for the scores of people left homeless and bereaved by cyclone Idai, that they might urgently receive the comfort, hope and healing of God’s word.

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