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Party Time! (Wednesday 30 November)

Three days later Mary, the mother of Jesus, was at a wedding feast in the village of Cana in Galilee. Jesus and his disciples had also been invited and were there. When the wine was all gone, Mary said to Jesus, “They don’t have any more wine.”...


Bible Book Club guide: Luke’s Gospel, like all of the gospels, tells the story of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.

QUIZ: How well do you know the Nativity story?

Many of us are familiar with the Nativity story, but how well do you know it? Take our quiz to test your knowledge.

Are we there yet?

Question: How did Mary travel to Bethlehem?

Hundreds of Bibles given to migrants

Hundred of migrants arriving in Austria are being given Bibles, or offered booklets with biblical quotes about hope.

Fashionably late? Is that wise?

What does the Bible say about who was there after Jesus's birth?

Pressure mounts ahead of film competition finals

The pressure is mounting this week for the finalists in this year’s Pitch film competition. The ten contestants have already survived the first two rounds of the competition including an online public vote, but now face their biggest challenge.

No room at the inn?

Would it surprise you to hear there is no innkeeper in the Bible story?

Pass It On: children's resource

We invited five great storytellers to each choose a story from one of the greatest collections ever known: the Bible.

Bringing the Bible to life

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