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Number One (14 October 2019)

For most of us, the least simple aspect of our lives is our relationships with other humans. I am sure we have all entertained fantasies of becoming a hermit and never dealing with another person again- perhaps after a particularly fraught family Chr...

Celebration (3 December 2018)

It’s now December, the Christmas season is upon us! In the next couple of weeks, trees will be purchased and decorated, crazy Christmas light shows will be glowing up and down our streets, the shops full of customers purchasing gifts and travel pla...

In John 10.10, Jesus talks about why he came.

In John 10.10, Jesus talks about why he came. He says that he came to give us "life, life in all its fullness". That’s very, very important to me. I was not brought up as a Christian. My parents were anti, if anything. It wasn’t until I...

It was 5 January a few years ago

It was 5 January a few years ago. I was taking down the Christmas tree at church and feeling very cross with the people who were meant to have done it. Our daughter was walking our dog, Bessie. Everybody loved Bessie. I loved her. She was amazing. Sh...

The Mystery of the New Noisy Neighbour

See the nativity in a new way through the eyes of a mystery-solving mouse, as he discovers more about Jesus. There could be more to Christmas than we thought…

Give the Bible this Christmas!

2018 has been a life-changing year thanks to the hundreds of thousands of Bibles you’ve helped translate and distribute across the world!

Come and enjoy the ‘real’ Christmas story at Nativity 2015

The Wintershall Nativity 2015 supported by Bible Society, is booking up fast for this year’s performances at the Holly Barn, Bramley, Surrey.

QUIZ: How well do you know the Nativity story?

Take our Christmas quiz to test your knowledge of the Nativity story...

'Pass it on' This Christmas

Radio 4 presenter, Roger Bolton, has told the Radio Times that some secular teachers are ‘unsympathetic to religious education’ and afraid of ‘offending’ different faiths

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