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Celebrate Christmas with us!

We have some brand new, brilliant resources for you and your church to celebrate Christmas.

Bible Q&A: Is Christmas really a pagan festival?

Christians haven't always been keen on Christmas. Oliver Cromwell famously banned it during his time as Lord Protector (1653-58) – markets were ordered to stay open on Christmas Day, and in London soldiers went on patrol seizing Christmas dinners...

17 Bible verses about Christmas

Looking for Bible readings for your Christmas services, present labels or Christmas cards? Start here.

Six tips for effective Christmas outreach

We asked Jo Swinney from CPO for her top tips to reach our communities effectively with the real biblical message of Christmas…

That Christmas Tour with Song and Stories

With poet Dai Woolridge and vocal harmony trio Sound of Wales (SOW) Acapella (featuring Cath Woolridge), we’ll be unwrapping the good news of Christmas through song, story and spoken word.

5 ways to reach your community this Christmas

Did you catch our Facebook Live on ways to reach your community this Christmas? We chatted to Roy Crowne and Ste Bate about their ideas. Which can you try?

5 prep-free resources for your church this Christmas

As Christmas draws nearer, check out these no- or low-prep resources for your church services

The Mystery of the New Noisy Neighbour

See the nativity in a new way through the eyes of a mystery-solving mouse, as he discovers more about Jesus. There could be more to Christmas than we thought…

Christmas gifts

If you’re looking for Bible-themed gifts for all the family, here are our top picks...

Will you help children this Christmas?

Share the joy of the Bible with poor families and vulnerable children this Christmas

Give children in the Middle East the Bible this Christmas

God’s word is a gift of hope for a child whose life has been shaped by conflict

Matt and Luke’s Four-Minute Nativity

Share the story of Jesus’ birth with your community this Christmas. The Four-Minute Nativity is a fun, fresh and imaginative way to engage people outside a traditional church setting.

The Greatest Journey

Go on a Christmas adventure as you follow in the footsteps of the greatest journey ever! Check out our free video and accompanying resources.

Anthem of the free

Has the gentle nature of Christmas carols dulled the subversive quality of The Magnificat? Paul Woolley takes a fresh look at the original Christmas song and shows us how Mary, its author, ushers in a new world order. 

This Christmas you can give the greatest gift

Around the world the Bible’s message is changing lives. But the Bible need keeps growing.

It was 5 January a few years ago

It was 5 January a few years ago. I was taking down the Christmas tree at church and feeling very cross with the people who were meant to have done it. Our daughter was walking our dog, Bessie. Everybody loved Bessie. I loved her. She was amazing. Sh...

The passage that I go back to

The passage that I go back to again and again is Luke 2.8-20, the story of the shepherds. When I was a child, everyone wanted to be an angel or Mary in the school play. But I was Herod, because I was a good reader and could say ‘diligently’! I ca...

My go-to verse at the moment is Haggai 1.8

My go-to verse at the moment is Haggai 1.8, which talks about building up the house of the Lord in the mountains. We are trying to build up the house of God in Meribel in the French Alps, where we’ve had a ski chalet business for the last 18 years....

In John 10.10, Jesus talks about why he came.

In John 10.10, Jesus talks about why he came. He says that he came to give us "life, life in all its fullness". That’s very, very important to me. I was not brought up as a Christian. My parents were anti, if anything. It wasn’t until I...

My husband and I split our time between South Africa and the UK

My husband and I split our time between South Africa and the UK. We are involved in discipleship and leadership training. I was a bit discombobulated about having to come back from South Africa. I have had a real washing machine of emotions about it....

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