This grain store was completely destroyed by raiders targeting and killing Christians in the south of Mali at the turn of the year

Mali Bible Society leader calls for prayer after murders

We are increasing our support for Christians in sub-Saharan Africa who are being targeted by Islamist extremists and bandits

The leader of the Malian Bible Society, Jacques Dembele, is asking for prayer following the murder of Christians in the south of the West African nation over the Christmas to New Year period.

‘From 23 December 2019 to 3 January 2020, churches and Christians in [the] Dogon country have been the target of jihadists, terrorists and armed bandits,' Jacques told us. 

Jacques Dembele, general secretary
of the Malian Bible Society

‘It is difficult for us to count the number of Christians killed in the area. We need your prayers now. The situation on all fronts is extremely difficult in Mali. But we continue to put our trust in God,' he said.

The rising tide of violence in the western Sahel region of Africa, which includes countries such as Mali, Burkina Faso and Nigeria that are plagued by Islamist extremists and groups of bandits, will not stop the work of Jacques and the Malian Bible Society. 

Bible Society is increasing the support we give to Christians in the strife-torn region. In 2019, we began a project to help improve infrastructure so that Bibles can be more easily supplied to all four corners of Mali. This substantial project includes providing vehicles and solar power panels, and increasing internet speed. We also provide Bibles and Scripture study notes in neighbouring Burkina Faso, where Christians are increasingly targeted and killed by cross-border raiding parties of Islamist extremists operating from Mali.

As well as Christians and churches, schools and teachers are also targeted in the area as they are seen by jihadists as signs of Western influence. 

Please pray for our work in the Sahel region, for our brothers and sisters in Mali and other countries, and for all people caught up in the violence. To pray with us, check out our Africa prayer tree

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Africa prayer tree

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