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Royal Patron for Bible Society

King Charles has agreed to become Bible Society’s Patron. The Society has had a Royal patron since 1943, when King George VI and Queen Elizabeth became joint patrons. Now we have a new one.

Sharing Bible stories with children as bombs rain down

For more than two years now, our colleagues at Ukrainian Bible Society such as Anatoliy have been risking their lives taking aid, medicine and the Scriptures to people across the country, and increasingly to areas of fighting...

New Bible gets green light from Chinese authorities

The Chinese authorities have given the go-ahead for the printing of Bible Society’s translation of the whole Bible into the Inner Mongolian minority language. The approval this year caps an amazing project that has taken...

Caring for creation in Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, Bible Society is working with churches to encourage better environmental stewardship and help preserve the country’s rich biodiversity.

Children with special needs love to Open the Book

Alfredo and Irene Salazar’s child was an outcast in society. Alfredo Jr has Down’s syndrome and wasn’t made to feel welcome, even at the local church. But the couple, who live in one of the poorest regions of Guatemala...

Pray for peace

Join us in prayer for peace and for Bible mission around the world. Bible Society leaders in four countries deeply affected by conflict share their prayers. ‘God, use your people in these countries to be peacemakers.’

Resisting gang culture with God’s word

The journalist Catherine Pepinster went to Guatemala to see the impact of your support for Bible mission as children embrace an alternative to the gang culture around them.

A 100-year Bible dream comes true in China

We visited the East Lisu minority community in China to see how they are getting on with the Bible that, thanks to Bible Society supporters, was translated into their dialect for the first time.

Why did Andrew Ollerton create The Romans Course?

The Bible changes lives. One particular book with a great record for this is Paul’s letter to the Romans. Dr Andrew Ollerton, author of The Bible Course, is someone who’s been transformed by this standout book.

Gangs, drugs and Jesus

Children growing up in poverty, surrounded by illiteracy and violence, are embracing Jesus.

Cycling through the life of William Tyndale

We’re coming up to the 500th anniversary (in 2025) of the publication of Tyndale’s English New Testament, the first to be translated directly from the original Greek. This year, Mike has planned a 350-mile ride in memory...

How you’re sharing the Bible in schools

It probably won’t surprise you that here at Bible Society, we don’t think that the Bible is just for grown-ups. The work we do to help children and young people to discover the Bible, to learn about it and from it, is...
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