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Africa prayer tree

Demand for the Bible in Africa is already unprecedented – and it’s on the rise. We want to to provide the Bible in Africa’s toughest, hardest places. Our aim is to reach the poorest families, the people who are at war or those who've been displaced, and the most marginalised communities. Join us in prayer for this work by adding a prayer leaf.

Latest prayer leaves

Father God in this big wide world where we all live so far apart and yet You know in Your infinite wisdom all off our needs. Please help those in Africa who need safe shelter and provisions Amen

1 day ago

Father God I pray to ask you to make it possible for your word, as found in the Holy Bible, to find its way to those wishing to receive Bibles in Africa. May they find peace. Amen

3 days ago

Please God as you watch over your world look down on all those misplaced and mistreated people in those areas of Africa. Keep them fed and comforted and help them know your loving spirit. Amen

5 days ago

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Join us in praying that the Bible would be brought to life in the toughest places in Africa.

Orphans in Southern Africa need help now

In the small kingdom of eSwatini in Southern Africa, a quarter of children are orphans. You can introduce them to a God who cares for them through the words of Scripture and practical assistance. Donate today to share the Bible in eSwatini.

You can put the Bible into the hands of those longing for it today.

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'I will never leave you nor forsake you.'

Hebrews 13.5


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