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Africa prayer tree

You're bringing God's word to people across Africa by filling Sunday schools with illustrated Bibles, translating Scripture into indigenous languages and sharing the gift of reading in Bible-based literacy classes. Will you pray for this life-changing outreach alongside other supporters?

Pray for Sudan

Sudan, a challenging environment for sharing the Bible, has been in civil war since April. Will you pray for peace and for new opportunities to make Jesus known?

  • Pray for successful mediation efforts that will bring an end to the war in Sudan
  • Ask God to protect Sudan’s civilian population and draw near to those caught in the fighting and feeling desperately afraid
  • Pray for Bible Society workers in Sudan and their families. Ask God to keep them safe and to provide ways for those who have had to leave the country to come back and continue sharing the Bible

Latest prayer leaves

O Lord of Mercy, help the indigenes of Africa and other toughest regions of the world to believe in Christ and His Message of Assurance, Hope and Love. Comfort Christians and orphans in violent situations and provide for their needs. Amen.

Ahmed, from Nigeria

3 weeks ago

Dear God please help the war in Sudan to stop and be with the children who don't have parents AMENNN

E, from England

1 month ago

Heavenly Father,
I pray that the people in Sudan turn to Jesus and find salvation in His blood. I pray that you move in their hearts O God, that the bondage, death, and violence they are trapped under is broken and cast out! All power to your name, Jesus! Heal Sudan, Lord, and save the lost!

Labreia, from United States

1 month ago

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Join us in praying that the Bible would be brought to life in the toughest places in Africa.


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