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Demand for the Bible in Africa is already unprecedented – and it’s on the rise. We want to to provide the Bible in Africa’s toughest, hardest places. Our aim is to reach the poorest families, the people who are at war or those who've been displaced, and the most marginalised communities. Join us in prayer for this work by adding a prayer leaf.

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Father God I lift up the lives of everyone involved in this desperate situation . I pray your light will shine in the darkness. bless greatly everybody involved. may your love conquer may this be done in jesus name Amen
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Dear Father We thank you so much that you have given these brothers and sisters the gift of eternal life. We ask that you pour out your blessings and sustain through your living words everyone affected in this traumatic situation. Amen.
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East Yorkshire

Jesus, I pray your word will spread like fire in the most difficult and violent places in Africa. May it reach the hearts of Islamists, Jihadists and persecutors. May you change their lives for the Gospel. Amen.
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Join us in praying that the Bible would be brought to life in the toughest places in Africa.

Meeting the need in Central African Republic

Central African Republic is a warzone. Outside the UN controlled capital, the country is lawless. Violence, looting and kidnappings are widespread. Three-quarters of people live in extreme poverty. But when life gets tough, people are turning to God’s word. People here are longing for the Bible.

You can put the Bible into the hands of those longing for it today.

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‘Whenever you did it for any of my people, no matter how unimportant they seemed, you did it for me.’  Matthew 25.40

People long for the Bible in the most volatile dangerous places

People long for the Bible in the most volatile dangerous places

Ken Dachi has just got back from the Central African Republic, where he met people in volatile circumstances who are hungry for the Bible.

Provide the Bible in Africa’s toughest places

Provide the Bible in Africa’s toughest places

In the Central African Republic, violence is everywhere and poverty is rife. But in this volatile, dangerous place, people long for the Bible. You can help provide it today.

In Africa

In Africa

As parts of Africa look to shake off the shackles of poverty and conflict, we are discovering the power of the Bible to give hope, bring peace, and build bridges.


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