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Prayer tree leaves: Africa

In the next 10 years, more Christians will live in Africa than on any other continent. Demand for the Bible is already unprecedented – and it’s on the rise. Our aim is to reach the poorest, most troubled families, the people who are at war or those who’ve been displaced, and the most marginalised communities. Join us in prayer for this work by adding a prayer leaf.

Latest prayer leaves

Dear Heavenly Father of Your Son, Messiah Jesus, please encourage and protect those who trust in you, help them to forgive their enemies, may those who hate them have their hearts changed, be converted. Psalm 91

Margaret Elizabeth, from Oxfordshire, UK

1 month ago

O Lord of Mercy, help the indigenes of Africa and other toughest regions of the world to believe in Christ and His Message of Assurance, Hope and Love. Comfort Christians and orphans in violent situations and provide for their needs. Amen.

Ahmed, from Nigeria

3 months ago

Dear God please help the war in Sudan to stop and be with the children who don't have parents AMENNN

E, from England

3 months ago

Heavenly Father,
I pray that the people in Sudan turn to Jesus and find salvation in His blood. I pray that you move in their hearts O God, that the bondage, death, and violence they are trapped under is broken and cast out! All power to your name, Jesus! Heal Sudan, Lord, and save the lost!

Labreia, from United States

3 months ago

Lord I pray for peace in Sudan, please father let the war çome to an end that families, communities will come together again in love and unity. I pray against the persecution of Christians in Sudan.

Rita, from UK

5 months ago

Lord, I pray for the people of Sudan. I ask dear Father that you will bring peace and prosperity to this land. Lord protect the people of this land, provide for them and grant them peace in Jesus name. Amen


5 months ago

I want to pray to God almight for a good Work and for good relationship in my family too and i sized this oppotunity for better nigeria

Segun Animasahun, from Nigeria

5 months ago

May Ngcebo Mbuli really feel God's presence and strength. Please may he have hope,especially for the children who are so vulnerable.

Joyce and David, from Carrickfergus N.I

8 months ago

Lord, I pray for the people of Ghana that their hearts would turn back to you and that they would know you as the true and living God.

Christine, from Hereford

8 months ago

Lord Jesus, please reveal yourself as the living Word of God to Africans who receive Scriptures in their own 'heart language' for the first time.

Sally, from Plymouth

8 months ago

Lord I give you the people of Niger Lord they need to read and write I pray for the Leader who has died , please be with the family draw them close to you Lord and give them comfort amen

Sue, from Swansea

11 months ago

Lord, we continue to pray for the people of Africa. We ask that your word will be available to everyone who is desperate to know you. Thank you for those working towards this goal. In Jesus’ mighty name Amen

Louisa, from West Midlands

11 months ago

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