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In the next 10 years, more Christians will live in Africa than on any other continent. Demand for the Bible is already unprecedented – and it’s on the rise. Our aim is to reach the poorest, most troubled families, the people who are at war or those who’ve been displaced, and the most marginalised communities. Join us in prayer for this work by adding a prayer leaf.

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Dear Lord, I pray that your kingdom comes in Africa by the power of your Word. As the tiny mustard seed, may your Word when planted become the largest plant, where countless souls make Jesus their Lord. Amen.
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Nutgrove Methodist School Y5
St Helens

Dear God, give everyone the best life you can provide. Please help all the children that are suffering. Let everyone read the Bible to help fulfil hopes. Let all the people understand the love of God’s family. Amen
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Dear Lord I know you will get your word to the children. Please strengthen them for what ever they have to face fill them with your Holy Spirit. Let the food and medicines they need get through. Jesus name amen.
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Greater london

Dear Lord, I lift up to You in prayer the Continent of Africa, asking that you would give them a future and hope. Please bless them with Your living Word and Peace. In Jesus' name, Amen.
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Thank you that you care for everyone. Please bless and protect your servants and inspire them to bring your love and peace and hope to all, but especially to those in deepest need.
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Kingston UK

Dear Lord, I pray that you will send your workers into the field and as well as distributing bibles they would be able to reach the many starving dear people of South Sudan with food and medical supplies. Amen.
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Our Sovereign Mighty God please bless Africa and be a strong presence in this place May YOUR love be with each person and may YOUR HOPE be a strong force within each heart of the people.
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Lord i pray for the people who are in Africa doing work for the poor people. Lord protect them form the evil one who tries to stop the plan and purpose of God I declare their plan will not work.
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Almighty God, please stand your guardian angels at the doors to churches and places where your children meet to worship you. Protect all your children and change the hearts of those who would harm them.
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May our hope in Christ not be put to shame and nothing separate us from his love. May God's comfort and everlasting arms surround all who have lost a loved one and may his peace rest over them.
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Gives us eyes to see the needs of others, soften our hearts to respond, and the means to help meet those needs. In particular, that your people in Africa may be well fed.
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Dear God, I pray that you would speak to those who have committed violent acts against your people and those who are planning to do so. Please lead them to repent.
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