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Chinese lay preachers full of thanks for ‘precious’ Study Bible

Author: Simon Bartz, 18 March 2022

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Lay Preachers in China hold up the Chinese Study Bible they were provided with for free.

Chinese lay preachers have recorded video messages to express their gratitude to Bible Society supporters after being provided with free Chinese Study Bibles.

Lay preacher Wang Sujun

It makes a massive difference to their ministries as most of the 190,000 lay preachers in China have no theological background. They are farm workers who volunteer to enter the pulpit due to a lack of pastors in China.

One lay preacher, Wang Sujun, said, ‘The Chinese Study Bible helps me understand God’s word better. It’s the most precious gift for me.’

The lay preachers play a critical role in helping churches as it is estimated there is just one ordained pastor for every 6,700 believers in China, nowhere near enough to shepherd one of the fastest growing churches in the world.

There is unlikely to be enough pastors in China for many decades to come so the continued generosity of Bible Society supporters in helping lay preachers is critical.

Most of the lay preachers have not received any formal theological education and they don’t have much money so being able to afford Bible resources is very difficult for them.

The Chinese Study Bible, which is an ESV Study Bible cultural translation and will be made available for Chinese readers worldwide, is also being provided to Christians attending preacher training courses in China. One of these trainees, Liu Jun, said, ‘I thank God for his provision and Bible Society supporters for providing me with the Chinese Study Bible.’

The Church in China also has to deal with the problem of false teachings from cults that tend to be more prominent in rural areas. This makes it all the more urgent that Bible students are supported with good Scripture resources such as the Chinese Study Bible. It enables them to gain a firm grasp of the truths contained in the Bible, which they can then share with believers in rural areas to strengthen their faith.

Two Chinese lay preachers say thank you:

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