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The Bible in China

God’s word has been the key to the amazing growth that the Church in China has experienced in recent decades.

Through access to the Bible and deeper engagement with its life-changing content, the famously persecuted Chinese Church has increased in numbers and in faith. Your support brings God’s word to this abundance of believers by providing resources, training pastors and translating the Bible into minority languages. It’s thanks to you that lives are changing throughout China.   

Give the Bible to someone in China

Pastor Bao’s transformative ministry, serving the sick and sharing the gospel, stems from his own life-changing encounter with Scripture. Will you put the Bible in the hands of a Chinese person?

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The unstoppable word of God in China

Watch Kua Wee Seng talk you through the extraordinary growth of the Church in China. He saw amazing change during his 28 years serving the Church as a Bible mission partner.

How does Bible Society operate in China?

The true stories of smuggling Bibles into authoritarian countries are powerful and inspiring but the way Bible Society goes about business in China has evolved over the years. 

China's churches invite us to engage in Bible translation initiatives, support Bible students, and provide training for pastors and lay preachers. Many local authorities in China have come to trust us as an organisation.

During the Cultural Revolution, Bibles were burned, but in 1987, with permission from the authorities, we helped establish a Bible printing press, known as Amity Press, in Nanjing. Since then, more than 90 million copies of Bibles have been printed there for distribution in China. From a banned book, the Bible became a bestseller in China. 

It takes much care and thought to cultivate a trusted relationship with the Chinese authorities as a foreign religious organisation. But the result is that we are able to launch many projects in China without fear of them being shut down.

Find out more about Bible translation in China

Li Shaoxiang worked for 16 years to translate the Bible into the Ganyi language, which is spoken in Southeastern China. It was a struggle and he came close to quitting. Read his story.

Read about discipleship in China

In Feicheng, Elder Wang is sharing Bible Society’s study resources with Christians in multiple churches. She’s passionate about small-group Bible study, and she closely follows people’s progress. Read more about Elder Wang and her project.

Will you pray for Christians in China?

Ask God to provide the Church with everything it needs to help its increasing membership enjoy a deeper relationship with God. Pray that Chinese Christians would grow in confidence, seeing more people come to faith as they open up the Bible for their friends and families. Share your prayer for China with other supporters of Bible mission today. Pray for China.

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‘I offered prayers to idols’

Bao Bao’ai was born into a Christian family in China, but the Cultural Revolution, when Bibles were destroyed, left him disconnected from his faith. And when his wife fell ill, he resorted to superstitious healing rituals...

Chinese Church is the fastest-growing in the UK, report finds

The Chinese Church is now the fastest-growing Church in the UK, according to a new report from Bible Society. It has seen a 28.8 per cent growth in the last two years. The growth is happening largely in Cantonese congregations...

Filling libraries in China with Bible books

Your support means more and more lay preachers in China are getting the resources they need. Hear what one, Ding Yunying, has to say.

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