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What we're doing

For over 200 years Bible Society has been working to bring the Bible to life; to help people around the world engage with it, relate to it, and make sense of it.

That single mission drives a huge range of activities. In some parts of the world, bringing the Bible to life focuses on translation and distribution projects. Elsewhere it focuses on leadership training, or literacy programmes, or interfaith dialogue. Closer to home, in England and Wales, it focuses on advocacy effort, schools outreach and devotional resources.

We’re doing everything we can to help individuals and communities to engage with the Bible because we believe that when they do, lives can change – for good.

Around the world

Around the world

We're translating and distributing Bibles around the world so people can experience the Bible in their heart language, especially in China, Middle East and Southern Africa.

England and Wales

England and Wales

Against a backdrop of widespread Bible indifference, we're working across society to help adults and children recognise the value of the Bible.



Rydym yn cynnig gweithgareddau, adnoddau a'r Beibl yn Gymraeg, yn dathlu cychwyniad Cymdeithas y Beibl yng Nghymru ac yn helpu pobl o bob oed i gydnabod gwerth y Beibl yn y byd heddiw.

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Bringing the Bible to life

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