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England and Wales

In many parts of the world, the key barrier to people engaging with the Bible is availability. At home, it’s simply that many people don’t think the Bible is relevant to them. We’re determined to change that, and we’re working across society to help people recognise the value of the Bible.

We’re developing resources that help local churches to engage more deeply with Scripture, and sending thousands of volunteers into primary schools to share Bible stories with a generation almost entirely unfamiliar with them. And in politics, the media and the arts we’re bringing the Bible to life in fresh, exciting and relevant ways.

We have developed a range of activities and resources in Wales and the Welsh language; find out more.

Latest projects

Psalm 27 Garden

Fear, mortality, the need for protection, reflection, guidance and hope - all these come to life in Ollie Pike’s Psalm 27 Garden at RHS Flower Show Tatton Park 2023.

Psalm 23 Garden

The garden brings Psalm 23 – 'The Lord is my shepherd' – to life. Find out more about the Psalm 23 Garden, and its design.

The God who Speaks: The Bible for Catholics

The God who Speaks is our latest campaign in partnership with the Catholic Church in England and Wales.

Prisons Mission

Bible Society has worked in prisons since its earliest days. We’re committed to making Bible resources available to prisoners who desperately need them.


We went to 20,000 people to find out what they thought about Christianity, the Bible and faith. Explore the findings of this landmark survey.

Navigating Trauma

Navigating Trauma is a Scripture-based programme that leads people through trauma towards a place of peace.

Good News Bible – The Youth Edition

We teamed up with Youth for Christ to create a truly unique Bible. Young people helped us put this Bible together. 

Academic Grants

We want to provide full or part funding of fees for M.Phil/PhD research projects looking at the Bible in the Church and the Bible in society. Find out whether you're eligible for a grant.


Open the Book

Help us bring Bible stories to life for every child in every primary school. Find out more about Open the Book, and how you can get involved.

Sources of wisdom

A new range of resources for GCSE Religious Studies students.  Explore how the Bible is a source of wisdom for Christians, and how it influences Christian beliefs and practices.


Christians in Politics

The one-stop shop to help Christians engage in politics at every level, whether that's contacting your MP, becoming a local councillor or getting involved in campaigning.

National Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast

We sponsor The National Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast – an annual recognition of the contribution that Christianity makes to the national life of the UK.

The Arts

The Pitch

Bring the Bible to life on the big screen with short film. The Pitch Film Fund exists to support emerging filmmakers. There's a £50,000 production pot to make two films, plus training and development for entrants and finalists in the selection process.

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