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Around the world

Back in 1804, when our founders laid the foundations of Bible Society, they asked a question that would change the world.

Affordable printed Bibles had just arrived for Welsh speakers, but why stop there? If for Wales, why not for the kingdom? And if for the kingdom, why not for the world?

This was the moment our global mission was born, and as part of United Bible Societies, we’re now active in around 240 countries and regions. Through our translation work, we make the Bible available in new spoken and signed languages, as well as revising existing Bibles to bring the language up-to-date. To meet the individual needs and demands of the millions wanting the Scriptures, our production facilities not only print physical copies but also produce visual, audio and digital forms.

Our distribution network takes the Bible to places it might otherwise be hard to come by, and we improve literacy by empowering people to read, using the Book as a reference.

We also work to affirm the place of the Bible in society, challenging ill-informed thinking and demonstrating that the Bible can be a force for positive change in today’s world.

Internationally, we're expanding our work through initiatives like Open the Book and developing a deeper understanding of the context of mission in different parts of the world. Three areas where we've been particularly active in recent years are China, Africa and the Middle East.

In China

Here’s a remarkable statistic: Over 1 million new Christians are coming to faith in China every year.

In Africa

As parts of Africa look to shake off the shackles of poverty and conflict, we are discovering the power of the Bible to give hope, bring peace, and build bridges.

In the Middle East

We have a special place in our hearts for the Middle East. We’ve been working to bring the Bible to life there for nearly 70 years – and have no intention of leaving.

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