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Mountain preacher rides high on his new motorbike in China

Author: Simon Bartz, 12 October 2020

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A Christian woman outside a church in China’s mountainous Yunnan province. Motorcycles have been provided to preachers so they can more easily reach churches in the area. Photo credit: UBS CP

Fourteen motorcycles have been provided for rural preachers to deliver Bibles and preach the gospel in rural China. Many more Christians in mainly poor areas are now experiencing the power of God’s word and it’s down to the generous support of people like you.

Wang Zhengrong Photo credit: UBS CP

Wang Zhengrong’s God-given remit is not a simple affair. He ministers at ten different villages spread out in China’s mountainous Yunnan province.

When Wang, who’s 37, was not preparing for the weekly service at his own 400-member Chaotianlu church, which sits atop a mountain, he was trudging through the countryside, no matter what the weather, to continue his Bible mission and even look for extra opportunities to share the gospel.

There are no other pastors to share the burden of ministering to the ten villages. The duties of pastoral care, spiritual development and building the physical church fall heavily on his lone shoulders.

Lay preachers in these rural areas face muddy roads and landslides. When it’s not raining, fog and strong winds are a common threat.

Thanks to the generosity of people like you, Wang is one of 14 Christians who have been provided with a motorcycle to aid the work of Bible distribution and shepherding in the mountainous Yunnan region.

Before, Wang would travel thousands of miles on foot every year. Now he get can get to his destinations a lot more quickly using the motorcycle.

On average, he mounts his motorcycle two or three times a week. Sometimes, he makes day trips but at other times he is away for four or five days preaching and teaching at the various meeting points and praying for the sick and the disheartened as poverty and illness is rife.

Before he was gifted a motorcycle, Wang Zhengrong used to walk
thousands of miles every year to preach the gospel.

Wang is cheerful and very grateful for his new vehicle. He says he simply prays, ‘Lord you were crucified for me and whatever the difficulty I face, I will not retreat.’ He soldiers on with a lightness of heart. Because he knows that God goes before him he will not retreat in his work.

It’s estimated a million people come to faith each year in China and as well as Bibles they need spiritual guidance through the likes of Wang. As there is believed to be just one trained church leader for every 6,700 Christians in China, you can see that the need is great.

Your kind giving enables pastors to be trained, it gives them support when they need it, as it did with Wang, and it enables more people to hear and understand the word of God.

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