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Girl, 13, survives after prayers for blaze victims in Egypt

Author: Simon Bartz, 7 October 2022

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A 13-year-old girl who was in critical condition after a church fire in Egypt in August that killed 41 people should make a full recovery after special prayer meetings were held for her. 

Immediately following the tragedy on 14 August, a Bible Society team visited injured worshippers in hospital, who were suffering from burns and smoke inhalation. Scriptures and other Bible Society resources were provided to the victims and their families.

Angie’s mother, who lost two other children in the fire, said she has surrendered them to God, but asked for prayers that Angie be spared. 

Answered Prayer

During a later visit the prayers were answered as Angie came off life support. She is now expected to make a good recovery, although she still has difficulty breathing.

While visiting worshippers in hospital, Bible Society team members were also able to talk to a brave young man who is not a worshipper who broke his leg rescuing five children from the inferno. He was very happy to accept a Bible.

The fire started during a Sunday service at Abu Sefein Church in Giza attended by almost 5,000 worshippers. The fire was caused by a faulty air-conditioning unit, according to investigators. The blaze ripped through the church and its creche killing 41 people including at least 18 children.

You can post a prayer on the Middle East prayer tree for the recovery of those who were injured and for the grieving families, and thank God that Angie survived after the prayer meetings.

The Bible Society team in Egypt produced a special memorial card containing a selection of Scriptures focusing on Jesus’ compassion for those in grief and distress, and those suffering from sickness or sorrow. Two thousand of these were distributed at memorial services that began on 23 September and a further 5,000 have been requested by the local diocese to be distributed at other churches in the area.

Thanks to Bible Society supporters

Bible Society was singled out for thanks at the memorial service but it is thanks to your kind giving that Bible Society teams around the world like that in Egypt are able to act decisively in emergency situations like this by providing people with comfort and hope through the word of God.

Thanks to your support, after the church is renovated the Bible Society team in Egypt will replenish the church with Bibles to replace the Scriptures that were destroyed by the fire.

The verses contained on the memorial card included: Luke 7.12–13; Matthew 11.28; Matthew 14.14 and Psalm 116:3–9.

Bible a Month

For as little as £10 every month you can regularly support Bible Society teams around the world, such as the one in Egypt, providing them with the support they need to help people in emergency situations like this. Please visit our Bible a Month webpage to find out more.

It’s thanks to you and others like you that more people are finding comfort in God’s word in the aftermath of this terrible tragedy.

Part of the scripture card distributed after the fire. Photo credit: Bible Society of Egypt

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