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Flood victims in China ask for Bibles and will get them thanks to you

Author: Bible Society, 10 September 2020

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A rural church located in Lu’an in China’s Anhui province was inundated with flood waters. Photo credit: Gospel Times

Thousands of flood victims in China, many of whom have lost all their possessions, will be provided with free Bibles thanks to your generosity.

Our brothers and sisters in flooded areas asked if we could provide the Scriptures as they begin getting their lives back on track after the devastation.

Christians in Yunnan province in China receive Bibles during a previous
distribution. Photo credit: Dag Smemo

Thanks to your amazing response to Bible Society’s latest China appeal that’s exactly what will happen. Your generosity is enabling £100,000 to be set aside for Christians and others in some of the worst affected areas. The money will be used to provide free Bibles and also to subsidise paper so that more Bibles can be printed at a lower cost.

‘Many people lost everything in the floods,’ said Arleen Luo, Bible Society’s Mission Specialist China. ‘So we are going to give free Bibles to those people. They will start rebuilding their lives with God’s word in their hands.’ 

China recently experienced record rainfall in many regions and some of the worst flooding in 70 years. The central and southern provinces such as Hubei, Jiangxi and Yunnan were particularly hard hit, with heavy rain causing flooding and landslides.

A church deacon pleaded for prayer, saying, ‘We have never seen such floods in the past decades. Please pray for all of us.’ 

This village in China’s Dehong prefecture in Yunnan province was inundated with
flood water. Photo credit: Cao Fucheng/China Christian Daily

Two villages with Christian believers in Dehong prefecture, Yunnan province, were devastated by the flooding, with homes damaged, livestock drowned, farmland submerged and a number of deaths. Groups of local Christians joined together to help vulnerable villagers clean up their houses.

Thousands of Christians are believed to have lost their possessions, including their Bibles, in the flooding.

Water reached chest height inside a rural church in Lu’an in Anhui Province on Sunday 19 July. Worshippers took all night and the following day to pump water from the building and start cleaning it up.

Houses of many Christians in low-lying areas were flooded up to the second floor and they had to evacuate and sleep inside a school.

Thank you so much for supporting the latest China appeal. Your kind giving enables action to be taken to ensure more people gain access to God’s word. Please join with others or share your own prayers on our China Prayer Tree.

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