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Bikers for Bibles are tired but happy

Author: Bible Society, 21 September 2020

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Sponsored cyclists raised more than £5,000 for Bible mission on Saturday with Bible Society's Bike for Bibles ride.

The original plans for the ride, which featured 50 and 100-mile marshalled courses, were hit by the coronavirus pandemic. However, 22 riders rode their own courses in England and Wales, many wearing special Bike for Bibles jerseys.

David Trendell, who rode 52 miles in the Swindon area, said: 'The ride was really tough because this is the furthest I’ve ever ridden. I’ve only been cycling for a few months, so this was a real achievement for me.

' The worst thing was riding up Pavenhill. It’s a massive hill right near the end of the route. To be honest the only reason I went up it was because all the others did and my ego wouldn’t let me get left behind.'

He said he would 'definitely' do it again – but not the 100-mile course!

'It’s a great opportunity to spend the day cycling with mates and pushing myself, as well as raising money to support a brilliant cause,' he said. 'It’s one ticked off the bucket list.'

Jamie Doyle, who had three punctures, said, 'I’ve done quite a bit of cycling over the years so found it manageable. However, you never really find getting a bike with you on it up a hill easy! The route was perfect though.'

Asked how he felt at the end of the ride, he said: 'I’m proud of us! Especially the guys who have completed their longest distance. Seeing them not give up and finish with a smile on their face makes you remember how tough the human body and spirit is!'

He added: 'As someone who has faced on-going mental health challenges, cycling and God have played a big part in helping me move forward.

'So many of us are blessed with so much in life and being able to raise money and awareness to provide a book that gives so much hope and joy and courage, is priceless.'

While Saturday's cyclists had perfect weather, mother and daughter Susan and Joy Wingrave completed their 102-mile ride with four other riders three weeks ago – most of it in heavy rain. Susan said: 'I love cycling and I love the Bible but I was a bit concerned about asking people to sponsor me to do something that I love doing. So, I knew that I had to really push myself in terms of distance. We gave ourselves a fundraising target of £500 and we have currently raised just over £1200! We are so thankful!'

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