Story booklets

Check out our collection of story booklets for children, available at special discounted rates for you to purchase and use in your church.

All booklets cost £2 per copy, with special discounts starting from quantities of five and above: 

  • 10 booklets at £1 each
  • 100 booklets at 60p each
  • 250 booklets at 45p each
  • 500 booklets at 34p each

You can purchase all story booklets by calling 01793 418222.

With Love From God To You

Brand new children’s story booklet with a fresh retelling of the nativity story focusing on God’s heart for all he has made. Created in partnership with HOPE Together.

Product number: bib-000466 (English)
Product number: bib-000468 (Welsh)

Three Friends and the Miracle Man

Take a fresh look at the gospel accounts of Jesus’ life with this brand new Children’s Easter story booklet.

Product number: bib-000425 (English)
Product number: bib-000434 (Welsh)

The Mystery of the New Noisy Neighbour

Discover Jesus from a new perspective with this brand new children's Christmas story booklet.

Product number: bib-000394 (English)
Product number: 
bib-000409 (Welsh)

The Seriously Surprising Story

Discover something big that's worth sharing with The Seriously Surprising Story.

Product number: bib-000369 (English)
Product number: 
bib000373 (Welsh)

The Very Greatest Journey

Go on a Christmas adventure as you follow in the footsteps of the greatest journey ever with this Nativity story booklet. 

Product number: bib-9780564092260

The Super Cool Story of Jesus

The Super Cool Story of Jesus tells the story of how Jesus lived and how he loved.

An animated version is also available. Download the video.

Product number: PR000273

The Easter Poem  – Out of stock (English only)

Bob Hartman tells the Easter story from the Gospel of John with rhyme and pictures. Also available in Welsh.

An animated version of this booklet is also available. Download the video.

Product number: PR000255 (English) -  Out of stock
Product number: PR000256 (Welsh)

The First Easter

A selection of stories retelling the events around Jesus’ death and resurrection, written by Sally Ann Wright and illustrated by Honor Ayres.

Please note The First Easter booklets come with a Bibles appeal letter stitched inside.

Product number: PR000260

Bible Bedtime 3: The Easter story

A quirky retelling of the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection, by storywriter Martin Coleman, with illustrations from Claire Simmons-Clark.

This story is available in our Bible Bedtime app, available for Android and iOS.

Product number: PR000257

The Well Good News of Christmas – Out of stock

Artist Emma Randall beautifully weaves the ‘well good’ words of poet Dai Woolridge into colourful illustrations that will enchant children (and adults) of all ages.

An animated version of The Well Good News of Christmas is also available. Download the video.

Product number – PR000242 – Out of stock

The Christmas Poem

The story of Jesus’ birth and why he came, retold in rhyme by popular children’s writer Bob Hartman, with enchanting illustrations from Honor Ayres.

An animated version of The Christmas Poem is also available. Download the video.

Product number: PR000252 (English)

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