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The Bible is a global bestseller, but for many people in England and Wales, the book remains a mystery. We're bringing the Bible to life in education, media, politics, the arts and also prisons. Join us in prayer for this work by adding your prayer leaf.

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Father, we thank you that the Bibles being sent to prison are being snapped up almost as soon as they arrive. May the prisoners benefit from reading them. We pray that chaplains and visitors may help them understand more.

2 months ago

Dear Lord Be with Hilary in hospital and make her well soon In Jesus' name Amen

3 months ago

Lord, we pray for those in our nations who have yet to know you through Your Living Word, and for those you have entrusted to teach Your Word that they do so with boldness and integrity by Your Spirit.

Fiona, Blackburn
3 months ago

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