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The ‘pilfering’ of Bibles from prison libraries is ‘good news’ as more and more prisoners find their lives transformed by reading Scripture

Prisoners find freedom through Scripture when jail door slams behind them

Bibles provided by you are being snapped up by prisoners almost as soon as they arrive in prison libraries.

One prison chaplain, Liberté, told us that many inmates languishing in jail have hit rock bottom and feel there is nowhere else to turn. She said that is when they are likely to open up a Bible and start reading.

For decades, you have enabled us to distribute Bibles in prisons, and in 2018 we gave out more than 3,300 through our network of prison chaplains. 

Our recent appeal is aiming to ensure supply comes closer to meeting the incredible demand for God’s word in jails in England and Wales.

The ultimate aim is to provide all 82,000 prisoners in England and Wales with a Bible if they want one.

The Bibles lead many to Christ for the first time, strengthen their embryonic faith and enable them to move forward together with Christ on the path set out in Scripture. 

There are many ‘good news’ stories from prisons that are results of your generous giving. One man in segregation said he had learned more about life in the first 48 pages of the Bible than he had in his entire 48 years. Another prisoner, with suicidal tendencies, stopped self-harming when a cellmate handed him a Bible that fell open at Psalm 91 and he read the words, ‘My refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust’.

Why not pray for this prison ministry? You can be guided in prayer or even post a prayer yourself by visiting our prayer tree here.

Author: Bible Society, 21 January 2020

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