Will you put a Bible into the hands of a prisoner?

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‘As prisoners and sex offenders, we are rejected by everyone.
But we’re accepted by Jesus.’

Thousands of prisoners in England and Wales receive free Bibles every year – and many are coming to faith in Christ as a result. Will you help turn around even more broken lives today?

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In prison, you are at rock bottom. You’ve lost everything. There’s nowhere else to turn. And that’s when people start opening up the pages of the Bible…

That’s the message from prison chaplain Liberté, who works with us to distribute free Bibles to prisoners. 

‘You won’t believe how many prisoners want a Bible. Last Saturday alone, I gave out 10 copies,’ she told us. ‘There’s a small bookcase which I have to refill with Bibles every week. They don’t walk off by themselves, do they?’ 

In 2017-18 we gifted more than 3,300 Bibles to prisoners. By next year, we want to double that.The aim is to ensure all 82,000 prisoners in England and Wales receive a Bible if they want one.

Your donations could offer new life to men and women in jail
across England and Wales.

 Will you put a Bible into the hands of a prisoner today?

Real life testimonies

Liberté told us: ‘What does the Bible do in prisons? It saves lives, cuts crime, brings people to faith, restores dignity and humanity, enables forgiveness… It’s right there for all to see in the transformed lives of prisoners.’

A prisoner on the segregation unit asked for a Bible. The following day, he said he learned more about life in the first 48 pages of the Bible than he had in his entire 48 years on earth.

A man in his mid 20s came to faith in prison. But about a year after his release, he was back behind bars. What went wrong? He’d walked into a police station and confessed to a robbery he’d done many years before. The man’s lawyer told him he’d get six years – but God intervened and he got six months.

A prisoner who was self-harming said he’d made up his mind to kill himself. But a cellmate threw a book over to him. It was a Bible, which fell open at Psalm 91. The prisoner read it, changed his mind – and is now free from self-harming.

Will you provide Bibles to prisoners?

When we asked her what message she wanted to give Bible Society supporters, Liberté said: ‘There will be people in heaven because you gave Bibles to prisoners. Someone will come up to you in heaven and say, thank you… I’m here because of you.’

You can help

The Bible is changing lives in powerful ways. But there’s an urgent need for more Bibles in prisons. Last year we gave out more than 3,300 Bibles in prisons in England and Wales – but we could distribute double that if we had the funds.

Your gift of:

  • £10 will put a Bible into the hands of a prisoner 
  • £20 will provide copies of Matthew’s gospel to ten prisoners in England and Wales
  • £50 will provide five Bibles to people in desperate need of God’s word

Will you help today?

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