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Prisoners in England and Wales are asking for Bibles. Will you put a Bible into the hands of a prisoner?

This appeal is fully funded, please consider giving to these appeals:

‘As prisoners and sex offenders, we are rejected by everyone.
But we’re accepted by Jesus.’

In prison, you are at rock bottom. You’ve lost everything. You have nowhere to turn. And then, you pick up the Bible... 

Bible Society gives thousands of free Bibles to prisoners every year. Around 80,000 men and 4,000 women are imprisoned in England and Wales. With your help, we want to make the Bible available to all of them.

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God’s word changes lives. Imagine what it can do for someone in prison. Liberté, a chaplain who helps us give out Bibles, tells us amazing stories of broken lives being rebuilt. 

  • Reading Psalm 91 in his cellmate’s Bible set one prisoner on a journey away from self-harm
  • A man being held in a solitary confinement asked for a Bible and learned more from the first 48 pages than he had in 48 years of life
  • A prisoner in his 20s came to faith and confessed to an old crime, serving a further six months – miraculously not the six years his lawyer expected!

 Will you put a Bible into the hands of a prisoner today?

There is an urgent need for Bibles in our prisons. This is the book that restores dignity and humanity. When you give the Bible to a prisoner, you open the door to forgiveness. And you can do that with a gift of £10.

Your donation of

  • £10 will put a Bible into the hands of a prisoner 
  • £20 will provide copies of Matthew’s gospel to ten prisoners in England and Wales
  • £50 will provide five Bibles to people in desperate need of God’s word

Will you help today?

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