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Boys with albinism receive Bibles and support from our colleague in Swaziland. Picture credit: Bible Society

Stand alongside those living in fear

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In Swaziland, people with albinism live in fear because people want their body parts. You can bring them comfort and hope today.

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Albinism is a rare, genetically-inherited condition which results in a reduction or lack of pigment – or colour – in the skin, hair and eyes. In Swaziland, witch doctors believe the body parts of people with albinism can bring wealth and cure disease.

It’s led to barbaric killings and disappearances, and widespread fear amongst those with albinism.

Our team want to provide over 500 large-print Bibles each year to people with albinism (who often have sight problems).

Albert received a large print Bible thanks to gifts from people like you.

‘I like the story of the three boys in the fire, when everyone expected them to burn,’ Albert said, referring to Daniel chapter 3. ‘But there was a fourth man in there… Jesus. And the boys were unharmed. This tells me that even if I am in trouble, God is always by my side.’

He added, ‘Jesus is in my heart and in my mind. Our home is entirely covered by God’s grace. I live because the Lord is with me, and when I read this Bible, my soul is revived.’

A gift of £18 can provide three large-print Bibles for people living with albinism.

We must love those with albinism

Ngcebo Mbuli, who leads our team in Swaziland, said, ‘After we had donated Bibles, we heard that one of the men who received a large-print Bible had been murdered.

‘Again, we stood up and made our public statement: we believe in the love of God for everyone. We must love those with albinism because, without them, we are incomplete as a nation.

‘Please pray that people with albinism, especially those in hiding, will know the warmth and love of God through reading the Bible.’

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