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Provide the Bible in Africa’s toughest places

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In the Central African Republic (CAR), violence is everywhere and poverty is rife. But in this volatile, dangerous place, people long for the Bible. You can help provide it today.

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The Central African Republic is a nation in crisis. And when life gets tough, people turn to God’s word. Families have been using their scarce resources to travel to our office to get Bibles. And groups of women meet, despite the insecurity, to read Scripture together.

Our staff do their best to meet demand. But the ‘warehouse’ is an old freight container which has been looted in the past. The office is cramped, hot and ill-equipped. Your help is vital to provide the Bible in this nation.

Ken’s story

Ken is our Programme Adviser for Africa. He visited the Central African Republic recently and said,

‘I had never been to a warzone before. Nothing could have prepared me. I realised that war affects everything.

‘I met a group of brave women who come together regularly to read God’s word. They live in such a hostile place – but reading the Bible is everything for them. Their passion to understand Scripture moved me beyond words.

A Bible literacy class for women in the Central African Republic

‘Hope is alive in the toughest parts of Africa, and people long to know Jesus through the word of God.’

It costs just £5 to provide a Bible to a family

£45 will set up a Bible literacy class for 10 women

Your support will make all the difference in this war-torn country. Today, you can provide Bibles to people who long for God’s word

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