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Give the Bible to a struggling family in Egypt

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Churches are full but Bibles are in short supply. Bring a little hope to a community in crisis by giving God’s word to an Egyptian believer today.

£50,491.04 out of £43,000 raised

from 714 supporters



2,500 Bibles


5,000 Bibles


7,500 Bibles

The global economic crisis is hitting Egypt especially hard. As people struggle to buy bread, they’re turning to God in great numbers. The demand for Bibles is huge. Will you help today?

You can give hope to someone with nowhere else to turn by putting the Bible in their hands. 

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Owning a Bible is an impossible dream for so many Christians in Egypt. Your generosity today will make the impossible possible for an Egyptian believer.

Amir leads Bible mission in Egypt

Churches are packed with people seeking a message of hope. In Egypt it’s not uncommon to find thousands of people attending one church. Near me, a church in a very poor district has 3,000 children in its Sunday school.

When we arrive in an area of 75 churches, and we only have enough Bibles for a handful of them, tens of thousands of people go without. The need and the hunger is great. Only with your help can we provide more Bibles.

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