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Change a child's life with the Bible

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Abused girls in Guatemala need your help. Will you share God’s word and give hope to a girl today?

Guatemala is a tough place to grow up. Poverty makes children extremely vulnerable to gangs who use money and drugs to recruit boys as young as 12. Girls often get caught in abusive relationships and have children much too young.

Annelisse leads Bible Society’s children’s work in Guatemala. She and her team are responding to this crisis with God’s love, and they’re seeing the Bible change desperate lives. She says: ‘Food, clothes, education all help, but only the word of God can heal, transform and give hope.’

You can help. Will you bring transformation to one of Guatemala’s abused teens by putting the Bible in their hands today?

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Annelisse says that knowing Jesus means a new start. You can introduce a desperate youth to Jesus today.

Kimberley became pregnant at 13 through an abusive relationship, which she said left her ‘sick and suffering’. 

‘I thought my baby was going to die. I had to escape the violence.’

At Bible Society’s group for abused girls, she opened God’s word and discovered what it said about her. ‘I learned about my value as a young woman, and how much God loves me and my child.’

You can have the most amazing impact on a girl in desperate need of help. Will you open up the Bible for a girl like Kimberley and show her God’s love?

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