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Bring peace and comfort to Ukraine through God’s word

This appeal is fully funded, please consider giving to these appeals:

Our team in Ukraine is more determined than ever to meet spiritual and humanitarian needs. You can help them today.

Churches in Ukraine are asking for your help. As the crisis around them shocks the world, they continue to serve their communities.

Our team in Ukraine are supporting the Church as they reach out with Bibles and humanitarian aid, sharing the love and power of God’s word. And even beyond Ukraine, you can bring the Bible to people escaping the conflict.

You will have seen how desperate the situation in Ukraine is, and you’ve probably been amazed at people’s courage. Will you speak hope into the crisis by sharing the Bible today?

Donate nowLatest from Ukraine

Oleksandr, who leads the team in Ukraine, is co-ordinating the distribution of every Bible they have in stock. He needs your help to print more.

‘Will you help our Bible Society meet the spiritual need in our nation by providing access to the Bible at this time of fear and uncertainty?

‘A few days ago, a pastor visited our office, asking for Bibles. When he heard that we had none left, he pleaded for Bibles that were damaged or even copies with pages missing. He said, “These Bibles would be of immense value to my congregation and the community!” It was heart-breaking.

‘God’s word can help bring comfort, peace and reconciliation to our nation.’

Oleksandr and his team are more determined than ever to see God work through them. They’re an inspiration to us. Will you work with them today?

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Simply print this form, fill in your details and put it in an envelope. No need for a stamp, just address it to Freepost Plus RSXL - GESC - AXGS, Bible Society, SN5 7DG

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